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Turning Yards into Dreamy Playgrounds

Dream Play Recreation products fulfill children's actual dreams—and give parents peace of mind with safety.

"We've been providing 'the gold of the gold' playsets for 28 years, and they're so structurally sound they've been proven to be in an industry class to themselves," Tim Albers, owner of Dream Play Recreation in Chesterfield Valley says. Tim's wife, Traci, is his co-owner, and their son, Clayton, also operates the business. 

Shopping at Dream Play's 12,000-square-foot indoor showroom is a unique experience with 17 play systems, nine basketball goals and three free trampolines ready to try on a fully padded floor.  

"As part of the community as well as a family business, we understand why getting the just-right combination of play options is so important, and we back up our quality products with an equal, full service. Our in-house installers have been with us for years," Tim confirms.

He says they also offer complimentary yard inspections to help customers decide what systems will fit, how to work with land grades and slopes and where to place equipment for the best overall protection from weathering elements. 

While Tim says they deliberately stock enough inventory to try to keep typical wait times to no more than two weeks, they also will host a special sale of in-stock items during August. 

He says one of the most satisfying outcomes is to see children who are apprehensive at first with a playset transform into a confident explorer.

"People don't necessarily realize what great confidence builders these systems can be."

—Time Albers

Along with boosting self-esteem, using play equipment is a great physical activity to help keep children in shape. Tim says even astronauts train on trampolines.

"Ten minutes of trampoline activity is equal to 30 minutes of jogging. And, there are no age restrictions or guidelines on trampolines, so they are a great workout tool for whole families to use."

—Tim Albers

Dream Play offers Springfree trampolines only, which Tim says are substantially safer than traditional trampolines. Springfree’s revolutionary design removed impact areas that cause injury by extracting the need for springs, moving the frame below the mat and removing all hard edges at the jumping surface. Indeed, he says that the style of the trampoline has eliminated 97% of the common injuries associated with trampoline accidents. He says they come with an industry-leading warranty of 10 years.

Additionally, the goals for their adjustable basketball hoops (6-10 feet) are American made—a fact of which Tim and his family are extremely proud. 

Tim says the top question the majority of customers have is about whether their children will outgrow play equipment. He recommends buying a system when children reach 2-3 years old because he says it easily will last them until they are 7-10 years old. "Then, there are all of the add-on options that can be added as desired," he says. 

The second major concern is about safety. Tim says because Dream Play systems are so well built, special mechanical steps have been taken to avoid pinching fingers or catching hair. 

"People really appreciate the durability of our products, because let's face it: Kids will be kids, and they will put their playsets to the test," Tim says. 

Dream Play Recreation is the exclusive Rainbow Play Systems Factory Direct Showroom for Missouri and southern Illinois. It also is St. Louis' largest of such showrooms. 

17373 Edison Ave.

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