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Life Lessons From a Four Leaf Clover

Better Together

Article by Stacey Smith

Photography by Stacey Smith

Can you see it? The four-leaf clover in the image below?

(Spoiler alert: what if I told you there were actually EIGHT in this one little square alone???)

I have always had a knack for finding four-leaf clovers. Since my early childhood, I have frequently found, pressed, and then given away these typically rare little finds. 

It’s kind of my thing.

In all my years of clover hunting, I’ve found – without exception – that every four-leaf clover has a pair. Where there’s one, there is always another nearby. 

I’ve never come across any scientific research to support this, but I shared my theory with a friend last year around this time and he and his son, Oliver, went out to the front yard to put it to the test. It took them a while to find the first one (after all, they only grow 1 in 10,000). But as soon as they found it… voila! Another! 

And then another! 

And another!

Fast forward a year, and today — amidst the Covid-19 quarantine — I spotted one while walking to the mailbox, and soon had my own Oliver moment. There was a second… and third… and, well, here. Take a look:

As I stooped down and started plucking each of these icons of good fortune, I couldn’t help but smile. It was as if my own little real-life object lesson was in full swing.

“Isn’t this just like life?” I thought to myself. “One hopeful thought leads to another, and another! Soon, they're everywhere you look!” 

And I couldn’t help but smile.

In a world where we are seemingly surrounded with bad news, may I encourage you for a moment?


Be that 1 in 10,000 who stands out with optimism and hope! I’m pretty sure when you do, you’ll find you’re not alone. 

After all, every four-leaf clover has a pair. 

Who’s yours?