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The Mayors of #SoFu in Holiday Glam

Mayor Vince Williams

Mayor Vince Williams is a graduate of Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee and has over 25 years in Corporate America. Mayor Williams is the current President of the National League of Cities and Past President of the Georgia Municipal Association.

He is also an entrepreneur in Real Estate, and the Health and Wellness Industry. He serves God at the iTHRIVE Christian Church as an Associate Pastor. He is a certified Christian educator.

Mayor Williams is happily married to Sharon Williams and they have a beautiful daughter, Nia.  “Our holiday tradition is to make sure that family and close friends are priority. Thanksgiving could be anywhere in the country because every year someone in our family hosts. We love exchanging gifts and attending Christmas Church Service in a little chapel that's over 100 years old,” he says.

Some of the most beautiful gems to be found in Union City are the numerous outdoor treasures, parks, trails, and hidden lakes. The Atlanta Metro Studio is another gem.

“The best thing for me about being Mayor is having the honor to serve and create opportunities for many who have felt hopeless or forgotten.”

“In 2023, I'm looking forward to seeing numerous capital projects being completed in 2023 and beyond, such as a new Veterans Park, several walking trails that will connect all of Union City, a new Fire Station, multiple mixed-use developments that will include retail, dining, entertainment and recreational uses.

Mayor Bianca Motley Broom

“My favorite memories are of Christmas breakfasts that turned into lunch and dinner. We'd have at least 25 family members and friends. Christmas wasn't complete without my mother's sweet potato pie and my grandmother's pound, German chocolate and Japanese fruit cakes. We follow with poker games late into the night. My grandmother would take everyone's money!” 

There are so many hidden gems in College Park!  From the amazing food on the south side (Wrap-a-Lot, Akhirah's Cafe and Zab-e-lee), amazing parks and recreation offerings (including a climbing wall).

“The best thing about being Mayor is being able to help facilitate opportunities for our residents to thrive and seeing positive changes taking place in real time,” she says.

In 2023 and beyond, Mayor Motley Broom is excited about Six West, a 300-acre development off of Camp Creek Parkway.” I'm excited to see new residential options near our MARTA station along with an arts campus nearby.”


Mayor khalid kamau

Mayor khalid kamau of the City of South Fulton loves to spend the holidays with family. “We don’t just love each other. We really like each other! But I can’t play Spades,” he laughs. “Every year my cousins try to teach me. Only family is going to let you sit at Spades table when you don’t really know what you’re doing!” 

Fife, an historic farming district at the southern edge of our community is a hidden gem in the city of South Fulton.  

For Mayor kamau, meeting the citizens of South Fulton is the best thing about being Mayor.” I started a tradition called #MayorMondays where I open the Mayor’s office to everyone who wants to meet. I’ve met so many incredible people. Our residents are our most valuable resource.” 

On looking forward to 2023, he says that his legacy will be creating a more transparent government.

Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham

Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham, the 34th Mayor of East Point, Georgia, a champion public servant, is a wife, mother, and advocate who is dedicated personally and professionally to public service. She believes that revitalization/ redevelopment is not synonymous with gentrification and believes that East Point can and will revitalize and redevelop while minimizing, if not eliminating, the negative impacts of gentrification.

“Our family enjoys celebrating Kwanzaa annually. Day 5, Nia, is very special to us as our daughter’s name is Nia and our constant prayer is that she fulfills God’s purpose for her life.”

East Point Path Model Mile is a hidden gem!  This 1.4 mile-long trail weaves through Sumner Park and runs adjacent to Velodrome before joining Norman Berry Drive and Spring Street Park on the way to Tri-Cities High School and Bryan Park. This extensive project will consist of 10-foot-wide trails that will eventually link into the Atlanta Beltline.

“The best thing about being Mayor is being able to daily lead, advocate and collaborate to achieve people-focused solutions,” she says.

“I look forward to 2023 and beyond!  I’m excited about building our skyline in downtown East Point and welcoming the world to East Point during World Cup 2026 while showing why there’s no point like East Point!”

Mayor Mario Avery of Fairburn
”Family is important to me and is a vital part of who I am. I have 600 plus family members in the 20-county area around Atlanta. We work as a family to decide which family members’ homes will host our holiday celebrations. I enjoy spending quality time with my in-laws and building a family atmosphere at work and at home!” Says Mayor Avery.

A gem in the City of Fairburn is the Senior programming through the Parks & Recreation Department. “Our Holiday Camp, also through our Parks & Recreation Department, is focused on our community’s youth.” The Annual Christmas Tree Lighting & Fireworks Show on December 3 is one of the few winter fireworks shows!

The best thing about being Mayor of the City of Fairburn is working in conjunction with all city council members and executive staff to create community engagement opportunities, according to Mayor Avery. “One of my goals is to build a work environment based on excellence while valuing people and equity.”

In 2023, the City of Fairburn is excited to roll out citywide parks master planning across all communities, for example at the front entrance of Asbury Park subdivision.

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