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One Paw at a Time

The Larimer Humane Society strives to make impactful connections between people and animals

The Larimer Humane Society is dedicated to furthering the compassionate, safe, and responsible relationship between animals and people. And while that is their mission statement and what they strive to do everyday, they go far beyond that in their day-to-day interactions with the Larimer County community and the animals in their care. In fact, in 2022 alone, 6,566 animals were cared for by the humane society. There’s no denying the impact they have on Larimer County. 

The animal care and adoption services are just a portion of the amount of work and importance the shelter holds. With resources available in behavior services, puppy socialization classes, pet licensing, end of life services, youth camps, school programs, free use of their dog park and walking trails there are so many needs being met for both animal owners and animals themselves. 

During the school year, schools often reach out to the humane society for presentations from the staff. Scott Wendelberger, the marketing and community outreach manager at Larimer Humane Society, says the focused presentations for classes is one way the shelter provides humane education to the public. 

Their summer youth program, Critter Camp, works to provide proper education to kids about animal and people interaction, proper care of pets, hands-on experience handling animals, and more!

“The five-day camp has kids that are passionate about animals,” Wendelberger said. “They get to come in and get their hands dirty. They get tours of the shelter, some of the staff come down to give presentations, and sometimes we have outside organizations come in, like Northern Colorado Wildlife Center.”

The opportunity for kids to get involved doesn’t end with the humane education programs. Kids starting at the age of 10 years old are able to volunteer with an adult in the shelters Partner Up program. The program allows kids that are interested in animal welfare to participate in the everyday care and handling of the animals so that the animal's needs are not only being met but exceeded. 

While every aspect of the shelter strives to provide the best possible outcome, the adoption services sees the most happy endings. In 2022, 3,533 animals found homes marking a very successful year for the humane society. 

One lucky dog, Ringo, was adopted into his forever home a few months ago. Alaina Phinney, Ringo’s adopter, said he has already become a part of the family and is doing so well in his new home.

“One of the best things about owning Ringo is how happy he is to see you when you get home, be it five minutes, or five hours,” Phinney said. 

After watching the shelter staff interact with the animals and how they talked about the animals in their care, Phinney said it was a sure choice to adopt from the Larimer Humane Society. Phinney, and her partner, arrived at the shelter open to finding a dog but wanted there to be a strong connection. 

“We got to meet Ringo one on one, and he was such a lover with the most emotive eyes. We couldn’t stop talking about coming back to take him home,” Phinney shared. 

Since being in his new home, Ringo has been coming out of his shell more and more, showing off his lovable personality and his eagerness to try new things. 

“He loves running alongside the skateboard, and is up for any hike he goes on. He is a big cuddle bug - he loves being in your space, doing what you’re doing, whether you want him to be or not. But is ever attentive and willing to please,” Phinney said.

Larimer Humane Society is there for animal owners in every stage and in every situation. They want to see the best case scenario whenever possible. The variety of resources and services available are meant to encourage people to seek help through them so that the animals involved get the best odds in their situation. 

While the Larimer Humane Society receives generous donations and a wide range of help from volunteers and foster families, the shelter is always working to better improve their work and the lives of the people and animals that walk through their doors everyday. With an active newsletter and blog, the humane society wants to keep the community informed about shelter updates and needs, fundraising events and efforts, informative tips and tricks for pet owners, and more. Visit their website,, to learn more about the work they do and how to get involved in contributing to the amazing work they do for the Larimer County community.

  “The five-day camp has kids that are passionate about animals. They get to come in and get their hands dirty. They get tours of the shelter, some of the staff come down to give presentations, and sometimes we have outside organizations come in, like Northern Colorado Wildlife Center.” - Scott Wendelberger