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Beyond Beauty

Evolution Dermatology + Wellness Redefines Beauty From the Inside-Out With Medical and Aesthetic Excellence

Article by Kerrie Lee Brown

Photography by Stephanie Mikuls

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

January is the perfect time to focus on self-care. Since opening its doors in August 2022, Evolution Dermatology + Wellness has redefined the idea of preventative skincare and excellence in aesthetics. With over two decades in the dermatology and aesthetics industry, founder Pauli Morrow, MMSc, PA-C has garnered invaluable practical experience as a Dermatology Physician Assistant. Now, with Evolution, she and her team believe in an elevated medical experience that goes well beyond expectations. And, it shows. 

This unparalleled vision and experience offered by Evolution + Wellness is equally shared by both Pauli and Kim Guthke, PA-C. Pauli has worked with and seen firsthand the talents of Kim for years and they are the right team with a shared vision. Kim brings over 20 years of dermatology clinical practice experience. Together they are passionate, experienced medical professionals committed to ensuring all patients receive the best care tailored to their individual needs in a warm, welcoming environment.

The opening of Evolution Dermatology + Wellness brings Pauli’s personal mantra to life—embodying compassion and care for people’s overall health and well-being by combining comprehensive cosmetic and medical treatments so they feel better while looking their most confident and happy. In other words, Evolution operates as a concierge-type practice where the staff spends more time with each patient than a typical general dermatology practice.

“Unlike most medical practices, we are able to accommodate patients quickly. Everything is personalized because we care about the well-being of each patient individually, like an extended family,” says Pauli. “We treat teens for acne and follow them through college...We also perform cosmetic procedures on patients for years and help them look their best for their child’s wedding or graduation. It gives us a great sense of pride, and we take great responsibility in bringing health and happiness to patients who we care for like extended family.”

Evolution’s plethora of offerings range from dermatology care to aesthetics and cosmetic procedures. Such services include treatment for acne, rashes, skin cancer and preventative mole checks, along with Botox and other neurotoxins, dermal fillers, PRP injections for hair loss, and skin enhancement procedures such as skin tightening with Sofwave, microneedling and facial chemical peels. Something new to the roster is IV therapy, which can help boost your immune system, enhance athletic performance and recovery, and help with symptoms of migraines.

“We are continuously going to dermatology conferences where we learn the latest from experts around the country and the world. Staying up-to-date with medical advances and cosmetic treatments is an important part of who we are,” says Kim. “Our combined 40 years plus as medical professionals gives us a broad knowledge base to comprehensively treat patients medically and cosmetically. We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do. We treat holistically, where the primary focus is the health of your skin, while we also realize the importance of looking and feeling your best.”

Ultimately, the Evolution team prides itself on bringing the best aesthetics and technology to their patients—as well as getting involved in their community. “I realize that being a locally-owned business, our connection with the community is important to who we are. This is a huge bonus, and we at Evolution look forward to continuing to develop these relationships further,” adds Pauli.

Self-Care Tip for the New Year! 

Winter can be tough on your skin and immune system, especially with the rush and stress after the holiday season. Take time for your health by visiting Evolution for a preventative skin exam, IV boost or anti-aging facial. You’ll feel great and look great, too!

Evolution Dermatology + Wellness

1455 Yarmouth Ave., Suite 112

Boulder, CO



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  • Courtesy of Evolution
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