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Pictured left to right: Pat Fabish, Mike Wickenhauser, Ryan Pederson, Justin Goche, and Bryan Haasken

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Get to know a few influential men of Waconia

Article by Emily McKeever

Photography by Maria Claire Photography

Originally published in Waconia City Lifestyle

You hire them to make your home beautiful, they’re at your door when something breaks, and you put your trust in them to handle some of your most private matters. But how well do you know the man behind the business that makes your lawn the talk of the neighborhood? Their positive and lasting effect on the business community can’t be overlooked but what outside passions help these men hit the reset button so they can continue to serve their communities and families so generously? What fuels their fire? If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting these five VIPs, in this case Very Interesting and Important People, now is your chance.


Pat Fabish

Sage Flooring and Sage Equipment Rental

Pat Fabish started Sage Flooring, a company that provides high-quality commercial and residential services, in 2006 but flooring has been in his family for 3 generations. His father, who still works with him, along with his grandfather taught him a lot about the business, specifically the installation process. Pat and his wife Heather live in Waconia with their three kids and two four-legged kids. He puts his heart and soul into his work but owning two businesses, he also owns Sage Equipment Rental, requires a lot of energy and sometimes long hours. When he isn’t helping his customers decide which machine they need for their project or laying gorgeous flooring in someone’s home he loves to spend time outdoors, especially on his white Harley Davidson. Last summer he and Heather, along with some friends, grabbed their bandanas and gear and headed out to the annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota complete with outdoor music and lots of people watching. Name any outdoor activity and Pat is probably up for it. He’s a snowmobiler, novice, and golfer and loves hitting the open road in the family’s RV for some quality memory-making. You’ll also find him cheering on the Vikings in the fall and the Minnesota Twins when spring arrives. And when Eric Church is in town, you bet he’s getting tickets. If you see Pat around town, take the opportunity to stop and say hello and maybe get a little inspiration for your next hobby.  


Justin Goche 

Waconia Landscaping Co.

Justin Goche is a man of service who’s used to creating beauty. He and his team at Waconia Landscaping Co. leave a mark on the community through the talents they share and three important principles: quality of service, standard of excellence, and strong faith values. Not only is he busy taking care of his loyal clients, but in 2022 Justin retired from the military after spending 20 years in the Minnesota National Guard. Life at home with his wife Olesya and their two boys is busy and fulfilling as well. They love to travel, especially to warm-weather destinations. This year they spent spring break in Hawaii where they experienced it all; swimming with turtles, hiking Diamond Head, and visiting Pearl Harbor. You name it, they did it. Justin’s a football fan (SKOL!) and enjoys hunting with his boys, and bonfires in their sprawling backyard. He’s always loved wooden boats, specifically the mechanics of the way they glide through the water, so recently had a local company in St. Bonifacious restore a ’42 Chris-Craft; now one of his favorite summer pastimes. Whether it’s working closely with a client to transform their space into a breathtaking landscape or putting the finishing touches on his new summer toy, Justin approaches it all with a service mentality in hopes of leaving things more beautiful than he found them.


Mike Wickenhauser

Crimson Copper Plumbing

“Going to work feels good when you do something you enjoy for people you like.” This is the overall sentiment Mike Wickenhauser, owner of Crimson Copper Plumbing has about the path he chose, and he’s carried this gratitude and enthusiasm all along his professional journey. “Plumbing and trades are great, there are a lot of good people in trades and we’re so lucky to have great customers.” Mike began his career working for a company that served clients all over the metro area. Crimson Copper Plumbing was born when Mike realized he wanted to work primarily in the west metro to get to know his customers better and in turn, serve them with even more of a personal touch. One day you’ll find his team outside installing pipes, rain, shine, or Minnesota humidity, and the next they’re repairing a water heater. “It’s always something new and different.” This excitement and delight in new experiences and projects spill over into Mike’s personal life as well. He and his wife Kayla love spending time outdoors, especially their walks around town, and they really enjoy cooking together. They have a small garden and also subscribe to a farmer’s market co-op where they get to try whatever is ripe from the farm that week. Mike is a bit of a thrill seeker and gets his fix flying down Monarch Trail in Victoria, one of his favorite pseudo mountains in Minnesota, on his mountain bike. He also satisfies his need for speed while skiing in the winter and was recently in Colorado soaking in the slopes and breathtaking views. With relationships and adventure at the forefront of everything he does, it’s no surprise Crimson Copper Plumbing has a loyal following. Along with quality plumbing, the personal connection you receive from Mike is sure to make a lasting impression.


Bryan Haasken

Chestnut Realty

If you ask Bryan Haasken about his role at Chestnut Realty, he’ll tell you that it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle, and he absolutely loves it. Chestnut Realty is a family-owned business that was founded by Bryan’s uncle Cal in 1973. Bryan’s Dad joined in 1982 and later, after initially wanting to establish himself separately from the family business, in 2016 Bryan became part of the team. “After working outside of the family business, I built the confidence to carry myself independently which gave me the opportunity and push I needed to get into real estate sales. It’s an incredibly life-changing and rewarding industry.” Frequently after working together for months, Bryan and his clients develop friendships, many long-lasting. Part of the fun they sometimes have together consists of him showing them more houses. On a regular basis, he tries to sneak in quick weekend trips to Duluth or Brainerd and when the sun is shining, he laces up his hiking boots, packs a lunch, and hits a favorite hiking trail with his fiance Tata and their 1-year-old son, Xander. Not everyone can say they love what they do but Bryan does, and it shows. Just ask anyone who has worked with him; odds are they’re friends now.

Ryan Pederson

Edward Jones

If you lived in Waconia from 2012-2014 it’s likely that Ryan Pederson knocked on your door, probably more than once. After 7 years of 60–70-hour work weeks with 50 weeks of travel a year in his previous career as a business consultant, a feeling also started knocking. This time it wasn’t the excited feeling as he went door to door working to build his Edward Jones practice, this time it was a nagging realization that he didn’t want work to consume his life; he had just gotten married, and it was time for something new.“This industry is very competitive, and starting a new business in a town where I didn’t know anyone was challenging” but he decided to take a leap of faith. He was thankful to have been mentored by veteran advisor Chuck Schmidt who at the time ran the only Edward Jones branch in Waconia. “Without his guidance and help, I would not be where I am today.”  Building a business the old-fashioned way, knocking on every door in Waconia, and meeting people face-to-face to help them reach their financial goals has paid off. 

In 2020 the Pedersons built a cabin on Clearwater Lake so he and his wife Jamie, and their two kids could disconnect and enjoy time together as a family. Some of Ryan’s best childhood memories were fishing with his grandpa, dad, and brother. He also spent endless hours at the local lake fishing for crappies, bass, and northerners so it makes sense he loves the slow pace of cabin life. It brings him so much joy watching his kids fish off their dock, and the nostalgia it elicits is priceless. The early years of the transition were scary, but Ryan is thankful he took the leap from a career working out of state building short-term relationships to working and living locally, building and maintaining long-term relationships while balancing it all with his family.  


  • Pictured left to right: Pat Fabish, Mike Wickenhauser, Ryan Pederson, Justin Goche, and Bryan Haasken
  • Ryan Pederson loves fishing in his free time, “Fishing allows me to slow down and truly just enjoy the moment.”
  • Mike Wickenhauser skiing in Colorado. “That feeling of speed and flow can’t be beat.”

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