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Paying it Forward 


Article by Teri Landsman-Few

Photography by Teri Landsman-Few

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Hello and good day to you all,

I thought about the various ways to spread some good news that will be in full effect within the next couple of weeks and I thought that being a transparent business owner would be the best route.

This may get a bit lengthy and trust me, there will be no judgments if you do not make it all the way to the end. Sooo, I will start off by stating that NO, I am not closing the shop fact, just the opposite.

I want to thank everyone who shopped with Miss Kasual in the past years, and especially in was my best year yet! I love being able to provide a service that is much needed for our community and to assist our schools and local charity organizations give to those in need. In 2021, between the discounts and donations, Miss Kasual saved and gave a combination of $13,000!

With that being said, I would like to announce that I have joined forces with A.R.K. USA, which is an organization that provides children in foster care with free luggage. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to this charity. Why this foundation, you may be asking?

As a child growing up, we moved A LOT, no I was not a military brat, that was just our way of life. I was never in the foster care system, but it sure felt like it sometimes, and I know how exactly how it feels to have "nothing" or very little. I went to 18 different schools throughout my life and finally settled in Mound with my grandparents in 1991; I graduated from MWHS in 1993. I have since raised 2 children who have or are going through our school system and I couldn't be happier for being here.

When my ex-husband approached me with the idea of opening Miss Kasual, I was very reluctant, as it was not necessarily my cup of tea, but as I got to meet all of you lovely people, I was drawn into it. I have formed many friendships through the shop, that I ABSOLUTELY cherish. I also saw this as an opportunity to be able to "Pay it Forward" and now, A.R.K. USA has reached my heart and hope that Random Acts of Kindness will extended to all of you, as well.

Thank you for making 2021 a great year.

Here is to you and 2022!!

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