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Baessler Homes Focuses on Being a Blessing to the Community

If you live in Northern Colorado, then chances are you’ve heard of Baessler Homes, have driven past a Baessler Home community, or may even live in one. Founded in 1968 with a simple vision to build the most valuable homes in the marketplace, Baessler has established itself as a mainstay in the industry. Hometown builders to the core, they pride themselves on not being just “another developer.” Instead, they involve themselves in the communities they build in and create a strong Colorado hometown feel in every neighborhood that is emblazoned with the Baessler “B”.

However, their impact goes far beyond building houses to truly being stewards of the Northern Colorado community. From the beginning, Baessler has taken their role within the community to a much more heart-led and intimate level. In 2017, the company was converted to The Baessler Group (TBG). TBG is a public benefit corporation and operates as a for-profit ministry with the primary focus of caring for the people that the Lord has brought to the company. Ministry at TBG means “caring for the whole person” in all aspects of their life. The for-profit products/services that they provide to the marketplace are valuable newly built homes. And it’s these for-profit activities that fund their commitment and calling to the ministry of caring for people.

At Baessler Homes, it’s this ministry of caring for people that drives everything that they do. They believe that their primary purpose for existing as an organization is to reveal the Kingdom of God by loving and serving those they work with and caring for each person in all aspects of their life. This has been lived out in a number of ways including donating at least 10% of all profits to partnering organizations that make a difference throughout Northern Colorado and around the world. 

And now after a decade in the works, Baessler Homes’s BH Impact, the outreach initiative for Baessler Homes, officially launched in January 2024. The mission of BH Impact is to steward resources and profits from Baessler Homes to impact the world by caring for those in need with generosity and compassion. BH Impact helps to lead and coordinate outreach initiatives that drive their mission as a homebuilder to love and serve all. 

And this all starts from the bottom up. Their desire is for every Team Member at Baessler Homes to feel a part of something bigger that changes lives.  

“It’s an integral part of us as a team at Baessler, to live out who we are and to grow people in their whole lives, not just their homes,” explains Nate Taverner, Engagement Manager for BH Impact. “Our heart's desire is to not just be another developer, but to truly be a part of the community.”

BH Impact partners with local, national and global non-profit organizations that provide resources and services to people in their communities. Their mission is to invest in non-profit organizations that are relationally connected to people in their communities. They currently partner with a number of local partners and organizations including Realities for Children, Boys and Girls Clubs of Weld County, the Tark Christ Centered Sober Living, Colorado Youth Outdoors, House of Hope, Genesis Project of Northern Colorado and so many more. 

Not only that, but they also sponsored a mission trip to Guatemala last year with 13 team members and their families. 

As you can see, they’re not just here to build you a house and walk away. Their vision is to actively share the resources of God to spread the Gospel and care for all people.

“The heart behind why we build houses is so that we can do this other stuff,” explains Taverner. “It’s all about life balance and helping people find what they’re passionate about and helping within the community. That’s the biggest impact. That’s where we find the most value for our team.” 

With the launch of BH Impact, Baessler Homes is looking forward to living out generosity and being not only home builders, but community builders within Northern Colorado for many more years to come. 

If you would like to volunteer, donate or are interested in learning more about BH Impact works visit the BH Impact website at

“Our heart's desire is to not just be another developer, but to truly be a part of the community.”

“We encourage the entirety of the team to live out generosity. It’s who we are as an organization.”

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