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Big Fish

Tips & Tricks from the Seafood Experts

“For nearly a quarter of a century, we’ve been bringing fresh seafood to the Greater Cincinnati area,” says Allison Simmons, resident fishmonger at long-time Loveland staple, Seafood Station. But if cooking fresh fish has you in a cold sweat, never fear—they not only carry the best in fine seafood, but they also teach you the best ways to prepare it, with recipes and recommendations. “If we’re able to help our customers create a delicious meal for their loved ones, then they’ll come back for more.” Ready to get cooking?

“This is a popular fish that can be prepared easily in a number of ways—baked, fried or grilled,” Allison explains. It’s also an easy crowd-pleaser. “Salmon is a universally likable option for a dinner party … even the fussiest eater can be won over with a beautifully grilled fillet of salmon.” Bonus? Salmon is loaded with nutrients and is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. And with a number of varieties, Seafood Station is ready to advise you on the best type and portion for the perfect meal.

“Halibut is best prepared either on a grill or panfried,” Allison says. “Personally, I like it pan-fried and dressed with a light sauce.” Think lemon and capers, or fresh herbs in butter. Like salmon, halibut is rich in heart-healthy nutrients. It’s also related to flounder, so is lean and finely textured, presenting a mild flavor. Word to the wise, it can dry out quickly if overcooked, so ask for pro cooking tips from the Seafood Station team.

Trout is readily available year-round and familiar to most diners. “There are so many ways to appreciate trout,” Allison shares. “Home chefs and pros alike can prepare it in a variety of ways: pan-fried, grilled, or baked with fresh herbs.” Her advice? Shoppers should seek out bright, shiny skin and clear eyes on the fish—those are easy ways to determine freshness and quality … and another example of expert guidance that’s invaluable when it comes to finding the best.  

“We recommend swordfish to those customers who tell us they usually don’t like fish,” Allison points out. “It’s denser than other fish, like pork, and mild in flavor.” Because of that density, swordfish can be prepared in ways that other fish cannot—like being grilled on skewers, next to fresh vegetables. “We sell a stellar swordfish marinade that we recommend for grill enthusiasts.” Buying fresh swordfish? Allison reminds shoppers to choose either white/ivory or pink/orange meat that’s at least 1-inch thick. | 10488 Loveland Madeira Rd | 513.683.5993

  • Photo Credit: Adrienne George
  • Photo credit: Tamara Tavel
  • Photo credit: Tamara Tavel
  • Photo Credit: Tamara Tavel
  • Photo Credit: Tamara Tavel
  • Photo Credit: Tamara Tavel
  • Photo Credit: Tamara Tavel

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