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Going into the New Year Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Bodies By Perseverance

The research says it all: 95% of New Year’s resolutions are fitness-related, yet only 10% of those hopeful gym goers will stick to the game plan. To combat this lack of discipline that we’ve all fallen victim to, a reputable gym studio in the heart of Denver is pushing their clients to their limits: Bodies By Perseverance, off the corner of Welton and 29th Street. 

Whether you need guidance on your workouts, a motivating presence, or simply the assurance that you’re working out correctly, BBP’s trainers are deeply committed to your progress and peace-of-mind. The studio also offers group training to help you connect with other fitness nuts, alongside boxing training if cardio and agility are your main areas of improvement.

Commit to your resolutions this 2023 with Bodies By Perseverance, and become one of those 10% who stuck with it. To get in touch and set up your sessions, visit or call (720) 643-3112.

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