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Michigan Common Loon

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Wild Birds Unlimited

Rosann Kovalcik was in high school when she noticed the sky and trees teeming with birds gliding, soaring, and singing. Since then, her life’s passion has been sharing her joy in birds with others, bringing color and song to the yards of her customers as owner of Wild Birds Unlimited. In August, she will celebrate 32 years of ownership.

“We bring people and nature together, and we do it with excellence,” is the mission statement of Wild Birds Unlimited. Rosann and her team, now led by her son and manager Ryan Blagdurn, are an important resource for the community, working with partners to provide outreach, education, and fun family events focused on birds and the beauty they bring to us.

Wild Birds Unlimited offers a wide selection of quality, made-in-the-USA feeders, houses, bird baths, field guides, and binoculars for identifying and watching the birds you attract.   

Their retail store also offers a wide variety of gift products, including flags, art poles, wind chimes, statuary, and home decor.  Their gift selection includes Michigan vendors such as tiles from Motawi Tile and Whistling Frog, food items from Cherry Republic, and personal care products from Little Flower Soap Company. And, of course, a full range of quality birdseed.

“We have excellent options, including ‘No Mess,’ allowing people to enjoy birds without cleaning up shells,” Rosann points out. ”You are also not paying for any shell weight, which means you are getting more birdseed for your dollar, which is a great value.”

Bird seed cylinders are also popular. “They are easy, economical, convenient, and last long,” Rosann says. The store also sells seed and suet treated with hot pepper, which is a deterrent for mammals but does not affect birds in any way.

Wild Birds Unlimited makes it easy for bird lovers to stock up, offering curbside pickup and optional delivery for all orders, plus exclusive savings and rewards for Daily Savings Club members.

Rosann is dedicated to promoting birds and their habitat. She is a frequent guest speaker at schools, churches, and garden and civic club meetings. Wild Birds Unlimited hosts a monthly coloring contest for children, featuring entries on the store’s Facebook page.

Rosann has led bird walks at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House for 30 years, with 204 bird species seen during that time. Upcoming walks are scheduled for October 12th and 26th during fall migration. Additional events will be added; check their store website for updates.

Rosann credits the support of the community of southeast Michigan that she serves for allowing her to do what she loves, sharing that devotion with Ryan to fulfill the mission of Wild Birds Unlimited

“Birds remain the driving force behind all we do at Wild Birds Unlimited,” Rosann points out. “I am so thankful to our customers, who make it possible. When you shop with us, you are supporting a small business that gives back to the community by donating the feeding station at Lake St. Clair Metro Park and the Bluebird House Trail at Belle Isle.”

Rosann encourages everyone to be attentive in their yard, looking for the sights and sounds of birds that can connect them to Nature.

WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED, 20381 Mack Avenue, GPW 48236 (313) 881-1410, or visit:

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  • Ruby Throated Hummingbird
  • Red Bellied Woodpecker
  • American Robin
  • Endangered Small Urban Sparrow
  • Trumpeter Swans, AuSable River
  • Michigan Common Loon