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Michael Bishop, Owner Of Bishop's Construction Services, Walks Us Through A Recent Project

For this ‘Style’ issue, our friend Michael Bishop, owner of Bishop Construction Services sent us these before and after photos of a recent project in which he was asked to build a modern addition to an older home while matching the original style. Michael’s family has been building in our area for more than 70 years and his company is known for its standards and excellence. 

“On this project, we did an interior remodel and then built the addition,” Michael explains. “It took three months and added 780 square feet to the home. The client wanted to enclose the back patio. The house is U-shaped, dated to the late 1950's, and we matched that style to the best of our abilities while making the addition’s exterior walls 12 feet tall as opposed to the original eight feet. The client loves the higher ceiling, the exterior look, and the final product overall. This is what we specialize in.” 

Our region is in the midst of a building and home improvement boom and Michael urges potential clients to plan ahead.

“We are absolutely swamped right now,” he says. “I'm asking people to bear with us, but people are looking at a six month wait time from the first call. Labor and materials are in short supply right so it’s essential to give us a call and really plan ahead.” 


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