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New Showroom, New Shades: Window Accents Is Revolutionizing the Typical Treatment

Article by Bill Furbee

Photography by Matt Capps of Loveland Premium Portraits

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

For more than 20 years, Window Accents has enabled people to rethink their windows—experienced consultation services plus customized blinds, draperies, shades and shutters simply bring it all home.

Now, a newly renovated showroom allows the family-owned operation to provide so much more.

“Customers will notice a much more modern vibe in the new showroom,” says Shaun Lyon, VP of sales. A substantial portion of their space has been devoted to helping customers learn more about motorized and fully automated shades—and how to incorporate both with other “smart” home products.

It’s all part of what he calls the “smart home revolution,” which puts automated and internet-connected appliances to work alongside the traditional. It also speaks to his family’s commitment to providing their customers with tech-forward products and services.

That’s important—because Window Accents is dedicated to making sure local homes and businesses look their best.

“We absolutely love this community, and have found that Loveland uniquely stands out as a community that takes care of its own,” Shaun says. “Many of our customers are fellow independent business owners—a vast majority of our business comes from our neighbors here.”

He also points out the privilege of being able to serve the very same community in which his family lives—and their involvement in making that a reality. “We take so much pride in the many home projects that are always keeping Loveland beautiful.”

One recent project of this nature provided Shaun with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how his team resolves both immediate and ongoing objectives. “This job was not unlike many that we see,” Shaun says. “The client had both short-term and long-term visions … we were able to split the job into different phases and work within budget on each. By approaching the project this way, the client got what they needed first right away, and then exactly what they wanted in the long run.”

1. Phase one of the project required Shaun’s team to secure custom drapery for decorative side panels. “We were able to work with the client to select a specific fabric that complemented their paint and new accent pillows.”

2. Shaun calls phase two the Rolling Vignette. “It combines the classic look of a Roman shade with the modern appeal of a roller shade,” he explains. Window Accents was also able to incorporate a cordless operating system, “for an even cleaner look.” 

3. Phase three of the project used a Hunter Douglas Skyline gliding panel. Once again, the Window Accents team was able to think creatively and efficiently, aligning perfectly with the other phases of this project. “We were able to use the same fabric on the sliding door that we later used on phase four.” 

4. The last phase of this project (“My favorite!” Shaun tells us), brought power and convenience into the mix. “We now wanted to have a solution to cover the actual windows themselves,” he says. “So we equipped each shade with an internal motor.” The best part? “Now the homeowner can operate the shades without ever leaving the couch.” | 920 Loveland Madeira Rd. | 513.398.5798

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