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Experience luxury and fun with Nautical Boat Club®, the first and only Boating Country Club®.

West Austin’s waterways are a boating enthusiast's paradise, offering a dream playground to explore. If you’re considering diving into the boating lifestyle, Nautical Boat Club® - Lakeway and Westlake are the perfect starting point.

Imagine weekends spent cruising the serene waters of Lake Travis or admiring the beauty of Lake Austin, free from the hassles of maintenance and unexpected costs. Nautical Boat Club takes care of everything, providing fully equipped boats for you to enjoy without worry. Membership includes access to a comprehensive boating safety course, onboard orientation for every boat, high-quality life jackets, and regular safety checks.

The membership offers a diverse fleet and flexible scheduling, allowing you to enjoy various activities such as fishing, relaxing on a pontoon with family, or indulging in waterskiing and wakeboarding for an adrenaline rush. Each boat is equipped with essential safety gear and a detailed water map, ensuring you’re prepared for any adventure while avoiding potential hazards.

For more than 25 years, their ultimate goal has been to improve the quality of life in communities. At their Boating Country Club®, members can fully immerse themselves in boating adventures and meet like-minded individuals, knowing that safety and convenience are top priorities. You can experience the beauty of West Austin without limits and peace of mind, making cherished memories on the water.

Nautical Boat Club®

Nautical Boat Club offers West Austin locals an unparalleled, trouble-free boating experience. With prime locations on Lake Travis and Lake Austin, members enjoy access to a top-notch fleet of fully-equipped boats. The club provides exceptional service, handling all maintenance, so members can enjoy the luxury and fun of boat life.

Lakeway & Westlake |
(512) 261-2582

"This club has exceeded my expectations. The boat fleet at the club is impressive and well-maintained. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about boating. I highly recommend Nautical Boat Club for unforgettable adventures on the water." - Member Review