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The Form Lab shares easy strength and mobility movements to kick off your new year

If there’s one major compound movement you should know how to do properly, it’s the squat! Start by lowering your hips from a standing position to below your knee joint, then stand back up to your starting position. 

Place your feet hip-width apart with your toes slightly pointed out. Take a deep breath to fill your diaphragm and brace through your abs. Push your knees out and sit the hips straight down. When your knees have gone lower than your hips, push through your legs and feet back to your starting position while exhaling.

Support yourself against a wall or hold onto an object in front of you. Eventually, move to a free-standing bodyweight squat, then start to add resistance in the form of hand weights, a kettlebell, or a barbell. The variations are endless once you have your foundational squat dialed in.

Start in a high plank position with hands under the shoulders. Bring the left foot between your hands so that you are in a runner’s lunge. Keeping your right palm flat on the ground, pick up the left arm and slowly rotate it toward the ceiling. Hold at the top, then return the arm to the floor and repeat.

Sit on the foam roller with one leg extended and the other bent. Place the bottom of the bent leg foot securely on the ground and press the glute on the extended leg into the foam roller with one arm on the ground for support. Lean your body towards the bent leg side to open up the glute. 

Start in a side-lying position with the bottom leg extended. Bend the top leg and bring the knee in front of the body. Move the bent leg out to the side, squeezing the glute to bring the knee toward the ceiling, and hold. Internally rotate the hip, keeping the knee in the same plane while the ankle moves behind the body. Reverse by externally rotating the hip to bring the ankle forward. Keeping the knee bent, return the leg to the floor.

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