Boldness on a Budget

Designer Savanna Nave adapts her style from historic farmhouse to new construction

When Savanna Nave moved into her first home, a 1920 farmhouse in Lawson, she leaned into the aesthetic. The old home was full of character and charm, so Savanna, a designer and blogger, met the farmhouse style with a touch of romanticism and granny chic — soft textiles, floral wallpaper, and chandeliers.

But when Savanna moved herself and her two young boys into their new home in Excelsior Springs in 2019 — a brand new build — she found that most of the furniture from their previous house did not jive. 

“I tried to keep with my eclectic, collected style, but find things that were more modern to tie it all together,” says Savanna. “It’s a big difference. My farmhouse and my new house, they look totally different, but they’re the same feel.”

Though the homes were different, what’s similar about them both is Savanna’s approach to all-out design. She doesn’t shy away from a vision and commits to an aesthetic whole-heartedly, often with bold paint and patterns. She’s chronicled both homes and their transformations on her blog,, where she showcases her eye. Since starting the blog in 2016, she now works in the design sphere, such as decorating for commercial clients like The Elms Hotel during the holidays and even does e-design consultations for readers.

Savanna specifically likes to design with a thrifty eye. As a single mom, she’s incredibly budget-conscious, and also has to make sure her home can withstand two small boys, Bjorn, 7, and Rowen, 4.

“My kids know that they have their toys and I have my toys,” says Savanna. “My stuff is out and on display at all times. They’ve broken all kinds of things. I have to be relaxed about it and really not care. It’s either thrifted or from Amazon and I can easily replace it if I need to.”

Savanna finds inspiration by scouring design books but also loves to look to movies and fashion to spark her imagination. Then, she searches thrift stores and the internet for deals to match those looks for a fraction of the price, often painting or repurposing items to match the aesthetic she’s going for.

“Everything in my house has meaning to me,” says Savanna. “Everything I have is very affordable so I never really splurge on anything. If I want a certain style couch, I’ll find the couch I want, and then I’ll search until I find one that’s in my budget.”

As a mom, it’s important to her that she doesn’t shy away from design just because she has to worry about things getting used by her children. Much of Savanna’s eye was inherited from her mother and grandmother, who always dressed very stylishly. Savanna’s adventurous approach to design was fostered by her mother at a young age.

“When I was growing up, my mom let me have free reign of my room, and any time I wanted to change anything — if I wanted to paint a wall — she was like, ‘Okay,’ and let me do it,” says Savanna. “She was very good at letting me express myself through my room. I was the kid that was watching Candice Olson on TV instead of cartoons and HGTV when it first came out.”

Savanna remembers when her mother hired an interior designer to work on their home when she was a kid and was obsessed with the process. 

“I watched her like a hawk,” says Savanna of the designer. ”I was very drawn to it. Simple things like paint — it really caught my eye. My college dorm room was my first adventure that I went on with decorating and after that, I’ve been going ever since.”

Perhaps Savanna is just the next line of women in her family to inspire the bold styles of future generations. 

To see more of Savanna’s designs, you can find her on Instagram @savannabrooke_com or read her blog at

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