Bonding Over Design

It’s So Much More than Simply Finding New Furniture for Your Home

Article by Jill Clark

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Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Bond Furniture is such a familiar part of Loveland’s history—having been in town for 60 years—you might think you already know this longtime local staple. After all, you can see some of Bond’s gorgeous furniture and unique home decor right through their front window. But if you haven’t opened their door and gone inside lately, you might be surprised at all that’s new … everything you can’t see from the street.  

The first clue? Not long ago, the store changed its name to Bond Furniture and Design. While it’s still the perfect place to find full home furnishings, they now feature a pair of skilled design professionals, too. 

Heather Walker, an interior designer who’s been furnishing and decorating homes around the area for more than 25 years, has been with Bond for almost 4 years—she gave us the inside scoop about what the store really has to offer, as well as what continues to surprise people.

“There’s something for everyone, but our pieces are higher quality compared to discount chain furniture stores,” Heather explains. “Many remember us from when we were strictly a furniture store. Of course, we still work to curate the best pieces to fill our showroom—but we’ve updated our selections and expanded our services.” 

From sofas you want to melt into on a rainy night to Amish-built pieces (that have a surprisingly modern aesthetic), you’ll find beautiful furnishings and decor inside, some of which were made by local artisans. Heather points out that they’ve selected fabrics and materials with real families in mind. “You can spill just about anything on our fabrics—even red wine will come out,” she says, proudly.

There’s more—complimentary in-store design consultations are part of the full shopping experience, a service both unique and useful. Simple updates can make a big impact. “You can give a room a more upscale look simply by working one or two of our pieces into your existing space,” Heather points out. “And we can help with that.” 

Maybe you’re thinking of a larger-scale update—Bond now features two expert professional interior designers (Heather and her teammate, Angie Suess), both of whom are ready to make your home both beautiful and functional. 

“Many are surprised that we offer interior design services, but we changed to a hybrid furniture store/interior design firm about 5 years ago,” Heather notes. “Offering full-service interior design means we can update one room or redesign the whole house including furniture, art, lighting, rugs, accessories—everything in the space. Best of all, you’re not limited to what’s in our store. We’ll shop at other stores for you.” That’s a huge difference from their competitors—and the typical retail experience. 

Heather goes on to explain how the team is prepared to meet different budgets. “We do a lot of high-end interiors, but depending on your needs, we can find more affordable solutions to make your vision a reality.” 

Heather describes the design process. “We come out, assess the home, take photos, provide ideas and options. Our designers can put together a whole design plan around that, including as little or as much as you prefer.” They’ll work within your budget to get the look you want, whether that’s something trending, like 70s and 80s-inspired design, or a traditional aesthetic.

Bond’s designers get to know their clients well as they work with them—you might say they “bond over design.” It’s the part Heather loves the most. “We build relationships with everyone … lasting friendships,” she says. “By the end of a project, furniture has been installed, art has been hung, and accessories are all in place. But before that, there’s been a lot of communication—you really get to know each other. I’ve worked with some clients many times. One has been a friend for 26 years because she hires me every time she moves.”

From whole-home update to room refresh to just a new design perspective, Bond Furniture and Design’s team is ready to do what they do best—exceed expectations.

BondFurniture.com | 113 Karl Brown Way | 513.683.2233

You can give a room a more upscale look simply by working one or two of our pieces into your existing space ... and we can help with that.

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