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Boogie Woogie ... It’s Electric!

These Unique Bikes Go Here, There and Everywhere

Article by Nicole Browning

Photography by Matthew J Capps Business Image Services

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Nestled just beneath Fleet Feet in the Fifty West complex on Wooster Pike, Pedego Electric Bikes has found itself a new and improved home. You couldn’t ask for a better space for a bike shop—only a few yards divide their front door from the Little Miami Scenic Trail and Fifty West Brewing Company, bringing bikers and beer drinkers alike into the beautiful new Pedego showroom. 

As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with the scent of new tires and dazzled by the array of colorful electric bikes—all set out to show off each and every make and model Pedego has to offer. From sporty black mountain bikes with fat tires to sleek city cruisers in bright coral, these bikes are bound to impress both the bike enthusiast and those who are just popping by.

So what’s the deal with electric bikes, you may ask? “We jokingly say they’re like pedal bikes, but better,” chuckles Ken Durham. Ken is the owner of Pedego Mariemont, and likely to be the first face you see when you walk into the shop. 

A man with many colorful stories and a lover of mai tais, Ken decided to enter the electric bike business after retiring from the insurance industry. After experiencing some health complications, a new path emerged. “I needed exercise during that particular period of my life, and I ran across a Pedego bike on vacation … I just enjoyed it so much I knew I was going to buy one,” Ken remembers. Of course, the idea picked up speed. “I thought, I’m retired, I’m still going to want to have something to do, so why not bring something like this to Cincinnati?” 

Why not indeed. Pedego bikes offer exercise like you’ve never experienced before. With their pedal assist, pedaling an electric bike allows you to keep up a leisurely pace while traveling farther. “The motor complements you, right? You can turn them totally off, or ride without pedaling and simply let the motor do all the work,” Ken explains.

And with a make and model available for just about every type of terrain and every kind of ride you could possibly think of, there’s nothing you can’t do with a Pedego.

Curiosity piqued? We thought so. With these unique vehicles, there are sure to be some questions that pop into your mind (so we asked them for you). 

Do you pedal an electric bike? To which Ken answers, "You don’t have to, but you definitely can!”

How about that battery? Is it rechargeable, and how often do you have to charge it? "The Pedego batteries slip easily out of their bike frames, and are charged with 120V plugs, so you can charge them anywhere. One charge can last for multiple rides, all depending on how much you’re pedaling versus how hard the engine is working. It’s more likely that you’ll tire out before these batteries give up."

Who are these bikes made for? “They can be for anyone,” Ken postulates. “But the target market is someone above 60. Someone who is alive and well, but may not be in as good of shape as they want.”

And, the question we know you’ve all been wondering about – how fast can they go? “The pedal assist has five different levels,” Ken explains. “One takes you about eight or nine miles per hour. Then for every pedal assist level, the speed goes up about 3 miles. So you can hit the top side at 20 miles per hour.” 

To make the deal a little sweeter, each bike comes with a 5-year warranty. Plus, with more than 200 dealerships across the nation, you can take your bike to a Pedego wherever you are for any maintenance. Whether you want to hit the trails or cruise through town, Pedego has something for everyone. Let’s ride! | 7207 US-50, Cincinnati | 513.677.2900

  • Ken’s wife, Brenda
  • Ken and his wife, Brenda
  • Ken’s wife, Brenda
  • Ken and his wife, Brenda