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Boulder Chautauqua Summer Concert Series

Kick Off the Summer with This List of Stellar Concert Recommendations

This year, the Boulder Chautauqua Summer Concert Series brings together another eclectic lineup of artists, each with their own unique sound and story to tell. This list of recommendations starts on the day of the summer solstice and continues with several unforgettable performances that are sure to help you celebrate the harmony of music and nature at the base of Boulder’s foothills.

6/20/24 Tommy Emmanuel, CGP

Tommy Emmanuel, born in 1955 in Muswellbrook, Australia, is a renowned guitarist known for his infectious joy and virtuosity. From playing three parts simultaneously to captivating audiences with his genuine passion, his music transcends language barriers. Inspired by Chet Atkins, he transitioned early on from electric rock to acoustic guitar and earned the title of CGP (Certified Guitar Player) by Atkins himself, an honor given to only four other guitarists. His albums like "Accomplice One" and "Accomplice Two" feature collaborations with diverse artists. With sold-out shows worldwide and accolades including Grammy nominations and ARIA Awards, his impact on music is profound, driven by a lifelong pursuit of pure musical expression.


7/13/24 Squirrel Nut Zippers: Jazz From The Back O' Town

The Squirrel Nut Zippers' Jazz from the Back 'O Town show transports audiences to 1920s New Orleans, celebrating the birth of Jazz in the vibrant Back 'O Town neighborhood. Performing classics like Jelly Roll Morton's "Animule Ball" and Louis Armstrong's "Back O' Town Blues," alongside their own hits adapted to echo the era, the band offers insightful musings on musical history. The Platinum-selling group has sold over three million albums, with releases like "Hot" and "Beasts Of Burgundy" earning acclaim. Their most recent record, "Lost Songs of Doc Souchon," blends new tracks with past tunes, receiving praise from fans and critics.

7/20/24 Straight No Chaser: Summer: The 90's

Straight No Chaser, originating from Indiana University, embodies the modern a cappella movement, having sold over three million albums and amassing a billion streams on Pandora. Celebrating their roots in the 90s for this tour, their dynamic performances defy stereotypes by blending humor with captivating vocal prowess. Expect a show rich with nostalgia and don’t forget to dig into the back of your closet for those 90s-inspired fashion choices. With two RIAA Gold Certified albums and record-breaking shows nationwide, Straight No Chaser continues to beguile audiences, showcasing the power of immaculate human voices in extraordinary music experiences.

7/22/24 Watchhouse (formerly Mandolin Orange)

Watchhouse is an Americana/folk duo, consisting of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz, based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Formerly known as Mandolin Orange, they chose to change their name to Watchhouse in 2021 and soon after released their self-titled LP. In 2022, the pair released a surprise self-produced, stripped-down version of their subsequent album called Watchhouse (Duo) in which all 9 songs are broken down to their fundamentals with the two of them playing their own arrangements at their most primordial.

7/31/24 Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter's 2022 album, “If I Were a Butterfly”, reflects a year-long creative journey in a Kentucky countryside studio. The album features a diverse lineup including Shakey Graves and Lennon Stella. It captures Baxter's imaginative process, drawing inspiration from natural sounds and childhood memories. Songs like the title track and "Billy Goat" showcase his thoughtful lyricism and charismatic musicality. Baxter's self-production yields rich and emotionally resonant work. "If I Were a Butterfly" aims to evoke joy and contemplation, offering listeners a space to dream and find solace.

8/9 - 8/10/24 Ryan Adams: Solo 2024

Ryan Adams, a seven-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, is hailed as one of rock's finest talents. With 29 studio albums and millions in sales, Adams' prolific career spans rock, alternative country, and producing for artists like Willie Nelson and Jenny Lewis. Notable for fronting Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Adams' live performances garner critical acclaim. This solo tour will show his songwriting prowess at its most stripped-down and unembellished.

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