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Boulder Images: A Stone’s Throw Away

Crafting Timeless Outdoor Havens Rooted in Experience and Community Commitment

In Minnesota, outdoor living is more than an appreciation; it's a way of life. Boulder Images stands out among the many contributors to this lifestyle, creating enduring memories through their unique boulder walls and an unwavering commitment to the community. Todd and Libby Montreuil, the heart and soul behind Boulder Images, have not just built a business; they've forged a love story intertwined with creativity, experience, and community spirit.

Crafting Outdoor Masterpieces

Boulder Images is not just a landscaping company; it's an architect of outdoor dreams. For 25 years, this family-owned business has been transforming landscapes into personal sanctuaries, specializing in boulder retaining walls that bring nature's rugged beauty into residential and commercial spaces. 

Established in 1999, Boulder Images has grown into a small team of dedicated individuals, with Todd at the helm since 1986, alongside key team members Jim and Nate, boasting a collective experience of over 75 years. Todd, with nearly 40 years of experience alone, is known as one of the first in the industry to build a structural boulder wall. From there, he perfected the naturalistic approach, including soft planting pockets and flowing hillsides with facades that look like Mother Nature created them herself. Simply put, no one else in the industry compares. 

Truth be told, the journey began unexpectedly, with Todd setting stones for a landscaper at the young age of just 19. “Getting started in the business really was an accident,” Todd quipped. “But I’ve never looked back.”

What started with timber walls evolved into a signature style of naturalistic boulderscaping, a unique look that captured attention and stood the test of time. The demand soon surged, creating a company focusing on customer satisfaction through creativity, quality, and personalized service. Todd's meticulous selection of stone for every job ensures a touch of craftsmanship that sets Boulder Images apart.

The Love Story

Todd's passion for boulder walls transcended his professional life, becoming a personal love story when he and Libby tied the knot in 2016. Libby, a landscape designer with an educational background in agricultural marketing and a master's degree in landscaping design and horticulture, fell in love not only with Todd but also with the business. 

From hiring Boulder Images for her projects to becoming an integral part of the team, Libby brings her expertise and a spark that has not dimmed over the years.

"I used to call him the drill sergeant, but then found out he was a teddy bear," Libby fondly shares, emphasizing the balance of professionalism and warmth that defines their dynamic. 

Creativity Unleashed

At Boulder Images, the process of creating outdoor havens starts with a personal touch. Libby personally meets with clients, understanding their desires and needs while assessing the space for a tailor-made design. This commitment to personalized service ensures that each project is a reflection of the client's personality, creating spaces where families can relax, unwind, and play – a true extension of their homes.

However, the canvas for creativity extends beyond boulder retaining walls, encompassing various outdoor features. From striking outcroppings that add a rugged charm to firepit cove seating, providing intimate gathering spaces, natural stone staircases that harmoniously blend with the landscape, to the meticulous restoration of shorelines, every project is a testament to innovation and versatility.

Using boulders in their designs creates a distinctive look, departing from more traditional approaches like timber. The natural textures and earthy tones of boulders evoke a timeless quality, ensuring that each creation not only stands out but seamlessly integrates with the environment. This departure from the old school makes Boulder Images' designs visually appealing and contributes to the outdoor spaces' durability and longevity.

With Libby's background in agricultural marketing and landscaping design, Boulder Images goes beyond construction; they create living works of art. Libby's expertise ensures that each project fits seamlessly into its surroundings and is built to endure, standing as a testament to the enduring bond between craftsmanship and the great outdoors.

Community at the Core

Beyond crafting outdoor masterpieces, Todd and Libby are deeply rooted in community service. Sponsoring a 4H club and supporting the Eagan FunFest Ambassadors are just a glimpse into their commitment to community engagement. Libby's upbringing, focused on community service and giving back, resonates in their involvement with local sports teams, the Eagan Park board since 2001, and helping support the start of a 4H club in their neighborhood.

Their generosity extends beyond city limits. Whether it's donating stone to border a pavilion at the Nature Center in Prescott, WI, or contributing stone to Rosemount Elementary, Boulder Images believes in giving back. Libby sums it up perfectly, "The communities are so good to us; it is good to give back."

From sponsoring local events to undertaking these gratis projects, Boulder Images exemplifies the essence of community stewardship. Their involvement goes beyond business; it's about being part of something larger and making a positive impact.

In a world where businesses often prioritize profit over purpose, Boulder Images proves that success can be measured not just in boulders stacked but in the lives touched and the communities strengthened. As they celebrate 25 years this coming August, the legacy of Boulder Images is not just in the walls they build, but in the connections they forge and the memories they help create, one boulder at a time.

The communities are so good to us; it is good to give back.

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