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Bourbon Love

Great Bourbon at Local Spots

Article by Peter Levinson

Photography by Provided

Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

Valentines Day falling in February has a twofold pressure: 1) What restaurant should I make a reservation at and 2) Are there any reservations still available. The second question is about timing; the first question is about taste. When choosing a restaurant, I look for a particular taste, so I ask, “What does their Bourbon list look like.”

Just over two years ago, unbeknownst to me, I joined a passionate group of people with a love of Bourbon. From the Hulu documentary “Neat” to many Facebook Bourbon groups, fans of Bourbon abound throughout the Country and OKC Metro Area. And these fans of Bourbon are making our restaurants better. 

I have a process when going into a new restaurant. First, I do a quick tour of the Bar area to what is on the shelf. If the opportunity to speak to the purchaser for the establishment, I take it as I’ve found it may open new doors or bottles, I should say. One such conversation led to a 2oz pour of Elijah Craigs 18 year single barrel (phenomenal pour) during a recent visit to Birra Birra Craft Pizza.

Of course, many of the great Steak Houses in the Metro have good lists, but the best surprise I had was Burger Punk in the Paseo area. My wife Tara was craving a Burger, and though I was not looking to have an after sip, how can one resist Woodford Double Oak with a great Burger and Fries (note always ask what a restaurant may have that’s not on the list). 

Here is a list of four that start with B in honor of Bourbon. Whether you want a great steak, fantastic pizza, or a juicy burger, these four restaurants do not disappoint when adding Bourbon to your order:

Birra Birra Craft Pizza

1316 W Memorial Rd #102, Oklahoma City

Boulevard Steak House

505 S Blvd, Edmond

Bob’s Steak & ChopHouse

Omni Hotel

100 Oklahoma City Blvd

Burger Punk

Paseo Area

3012 N Walker Ave

Check out Frida Southwest or Whiskey Cake for two others that don’t start with B.

I would love to hear your spots with great Bourbon lists. Please email me at or find me on Facebook. Always, please drink responsibly.

  • Peter Levinson

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