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Hot Wheel Dreams

Unveiling Excellence in Automotive Detailing

Article by Jamie Allgood

Photography by Fireheart Photography

Originally published in Porter City Lifestyle

It always seems to start with little boys driving their Hot Wheels 100,000 miles on their hands and knees. The sunshine bouncing off the red or yellow coat of paint, lost in a world of imagination, creates a sparkle in their eyes... Cars may be a boy’s first love. That stands true for "Gearheads" Paul Roebuck and Kevin Bayer. As business owners turned brother-in-laws, their childhood fascination with cars accelerated into a lifelong passion.

With the love of cars comes an appreciation of all things associated with them, and so the engine turns. In 2010, seizing an opportunity to turn their passion into a business, Paul and Kevin founded Texas Best Classics. They saw such reward in completed repairs and restorations of classic, rare, and vintage vehicles. "Our passion was building and collecting cars and trucks, and that brought us all together..."

Fueled by their endeavors, Paul and Kevin had a thirst for automotive excellence, and it drove them to the Las Vegas SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) car show where the pulse of the industry rumbled with innovation and inspiration. SEMA was an opportunity for “full access to the inside where [Texas Best Classics] could really learn, grow, and be inspired.” And inspired they were! Surrounded by fellow enthusiasts and industry giants, Paul and Kevin found themselves immersed in a world where dreams were built on horsepower and steel.  They experienced the latest trends in car culture, networked with valued leaders, and gained insights into the future of automotive design and technology... which only revved their love for the industry.

Owning over 110 vehicles cumulatively, Paul and Kevin turned their Hot Wheel dreams into Real Wheel dreams. Kevin’s ultimate red Ferrari aspirations rolled into his life in his late 30s as a testament of his hard work, while Paul finally got the ‘57 Chevy he had dreamt of since he was 5. There’s something about taking pride in the work required to own and maintain a luxury or vintage vehicle.

Yet, amidst their love of automobiles, Paul and Kevin couldn't help but notice a yawning chasm in the industry. The standards for basic car care seemed to fall short, leaving enthusiasts like themselves frustrated with lackluster detailing and subpar workmanship. “We can do it better,” Kevin said; so they got to work.

Driven by a desire to raise the bar, Paul and Kevin delved into research and development, birthing Leading Edge Car Care and Ceramics. Their vision was clear: to set a new standard of excellence in automotive detailing.

From a meticulously curated product line to rigorous training for their mobile detailers, every aspect of Leading Edge Car Care was infused with Paul and Kevin's unwavering commitment to quality. Their ceramic coating, boasting a 10H blend, promised not just a shine but a shield against the elements, like oxidation, and maintaining the beauty of each vehicle for years to come.

Excellence isn't just about achieving a flawless finish; it's about fostering a mindset of care and preservation that extends far beyond the surface. In a world where every detail matters, Leading Edge Car Care stands as a beacon of craftsmanship, a testament to the passion that drove Paul and Kevin's journey from Hot Wheels to real wheels.

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