Toys for (Big) Boys

Finds for a fab summer at home

Article by Roswell City Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Devon McKenna, Photosynthesis Studio

Originally published in Roswell City Lifestyle

Get cookin', good lookin'.

June is quickly approaching, and with the weather heating up, folks are ready to kick off summer. June is the perfect time to get the family together, enjoy backyard grilling and set the tone for summer with some new toys.

Take advantage of longer days with outdoor meals that bring family together and use local seasonal produce fresh from the farm. As the most versatile grill on the market, the Big Green Egg can smoke, sear, and bake, turning your backyard into the best restaurant in the neighborhood. The Egg is much more than a grill…it’s a complete outdoor cooking system engineered to be stronger, more durable and give you fantastic cooking results where you can truly taste the difference. Ranging in size from the MiniMax to 2XL, there’s an Egg for everyone with a suite of EGGcessories that truly heat up and "eggspand" your possibilities.

Live your summer with adventure.

Don’t just go to the pool, make the journey an adventure by riding in an awesome golf cart. Going to hang out with neighborhood friends? Make them jealous by arriving in style on a customized golf cart. Take it to the lake. Or camping. Or to dinner in downtown Roswell. (Check the Roswell golf cart rules at RoswellGov.com.)

Choose to live life to the fullest. Seek fun and adventure in the everyday. To own a golf cart is to live with joy, to take the alternate path and choose FUN. Owning a golf cart is a personal expression of creativity, playfulness, and adventure. Electric and gas carts available at Specialty Car Company. Call Everett Bracken at 770.992.5715

Keep it Clean

Check out this cool outdoor shower! Great for kids or stinky runners. Rinse off with the Novogratz Outdoor Shower. Providing a cool down on a hot day, or a rinse after gardening in the blistering sun, this shower is here to give your backyard or patio added convenience without tracking messes indoors. The 2 foot wide shower bar offers maximum coverage. Water flow is controlled with a hose adapter with an on/off valve, and the set up comes with slip resistant, slatted, synthetic teakwood planks to guarantee water doesn’t puddle up at your feet during use.




At your next family party, surprise guests by inviting a storyteller. Auntie Renee will share lively storytelling activities that will bring people together, from the youngest toddlers to the oldest member of the family. Renee uses family characters to tell your family’s story and history.



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