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Break Free Festival

Celebrating Health and Fitness in Fort Collins

After a forced hiatus last year Break Free Festival is back and set to take over Canvas Stadium and the CSU Campus once again. On August 27th they’ll be gathering the local fitness community with national fitness gurus and musicians. Break Free is a celebration of health and fitness aimed at building a strong and health-minded community in Fort Collins. Break Free is Fort Collins’ first fitness festival and is already making waves and ready to expand into new places. That’s for next year though, this year it's still at home here in the choice city, and this year is going to be big.

Breathwork, yoga, dance, cycle routines, guided workouts and fitness community is just where it starts. This year the festival’s organizers are aiming to make a truly memorable event with exercises and music led by DJ Kap Slap, who’s remixes and style have been a smash hit in fitness circles particularly. They’ve also got plans for glow in the dark body paint and fire dancers to keep the celebration going after dark as well as a chance to workout with California based YouTube workout guru, The Fitness Marshall, who’s infectious energy and body positive approach to fitness is sure to get everyone moving.

Rachel Pastor, the festival's founder, has made her life in fitness and in dreaming up this one of a kind experience she was looking for an opportunity to share her passion with her community. While there aren’t quite enough tickets for the whole city to attend, Pastor wants everyone to feel welcome to come learn, move, and celebrate with their community.

“We are gonna have a party and we’re gonna move our bodies and we’re gonna connect,” Pastor says of the plan for this now annual event, “It’s gonna be an experience from the moment you walk through the door.”

So maybe you’re a fitness junkie and this festival is everything you’ve ever dreamed of, or maybe you’re a little bit newer in your own fitness journey and ready to try something new. Break Free is sure to get you fired up, moving, and inspired to take your fitness to the next level.