Breaking the Ice

Yeti Sno owners create community connections while keeping Cypress area residents cool with tasty snow cone concoctions

Article by Stephanie Parnell

Photography by Shannon Raske

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

At first, Michelle Gardner wasn’t entirely sure about the reality of her husband Josh’s dream about having a shaved ice business. Josh Gardner had just retired from playing professional soccer and was contemplating his family’s next big adventure.  He felt certain that this would be a memorable journey for them.

“I found out later that my husband had developed the business name and concept and had even drawn the Yeti Sno logo eight years before we really started talking about it,” said Michelle. “Once he started talking about leaving a legacy for our children and teaching them valuable life skills, I knew I needed to get on board.”

Yeti Sno is a Cypress-area snow cone food truck business owned and operated by Bridgeland residents Michelle, Josh, and their five children. With a food truck obtained from a family friend who owns Josh’s Sno Shack in Oklahoma, Michelle and Josh serve the community by taking their beloved snow cone truck to events like birthday parties, swim meets, anniversaries, graduation parties, neighborhood events, celebrations of life and more.

“We hope to not only bring a little positivity to our local community through our food truck, but we’re working to teach our children valuable life skills,” said Michelle. “From practicing math by calculating the amount of change to give to a customer to setting goals, our children love working in the snow cone truck and they’re learning skills that can benefit them down the road.”

In addition to enriching the lives of their children, Yeti Sno has quickly developed into an opportunity to create greater connections within their local community. From meeting families and interacting with people through various organizations, they’ve been able to spread the power of positivity through their business.

“There are a lot of sad things happening right now with people feeling isolated and alone,” said Michelle. “We feel that people need a lot of love right now and if we can share our love through our little snow cone business, then we’ve done something we can feel good about. We love to bring a little light to the people around us and break down the barriers that people put up.”

In addition to sharing a positive message, Michelle and Josh want to find other ways to give back to the community and hope to start extending their reach into working with more local non-profit organizations in the area.

“We’ve been delightfully surprised by the community connections we’ve made by doing this,” said Michelle. “It’s really been a gift.”

Yeti Sno offers more than twenty flavors of shaved ice and even boasts a secret flavor called “Josh’s Mix” that’s comprised of top-secret ingredients. In addition to a variety of flavors, they also have three flavors of dye-free snow cones, which are ideal for special events like wedding receptions or parties.

Yeti Sno

(818) 621-1931


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