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Breiner Law Firm

The Legal Mama

All activists are compelled by the Golden Rule: They treat others as they themselves wish to be treated. To Sarah Breiner, who loves advocating for others and protecting families, activism takes the form of practicing law. As Eden Prairie’s own Personal Family Lawyer, she safeguards what her clients most cherish with legal services for estate planning, business planning and kids’ protection planning.

“I was 10 years old when I first told my parents I wanted to become a lawyer,” said Sarah. “In undergrad, however, I was torn between law and my other passion. I majored in political science, the standard major for pre-law, but I also majored in psychology and considered becoming a family therapist instead.

“Studying child development in college underscored what I experienced about family while I was growing up. I had loving parents, whose support inspired me to make good decisions and grow as a person. But I had also witnessed what life was like for kids who weren’t blessed with that support, and how important it is for the community to step in to provide it.

“I realized I could make greater change in the world by helping families navigate the court system. My first job out of law school was with a family lawyer – fierce child custody battles, all brimming with more animosity than my heart could handle. I eventually landed in another area of law as a litigator, made partner, and became a managing partner at that firm. That was where I ultimately discovered the change I was meant to make.

“As a non-equity partner, I could see behind the curtain without having the power to change it. The equity partners cared more about billable hours than their clients’ goals. I left that world for good before taking maternity leave and returned to the law as The Legal Mama.

“When I opened my own practice, I started with a list of areas where most lawyers miss the point completely. First among them was actually engaging with my clients. 

“Most estate attorneys only spend a total of 30 to 45 minutes face-to-face with their clients; learning just enough to check the boxes and churn out what are essentially fungible wills and trusts. I, on the other hand, spend an average of four hours with my clients and only charge a flat fee for whatever time we spend together. It’s the only way to understand the legacies they wish to leave behind and create the plans they need to fully secure them. 

“Likewise, I do not require a set number of billable hours from Breiner Law’s staff. That’s the only way to provide truly personable service: we listen to our clients instead of robotically pushing them through a process.

“In most marriages, one spouse typically acts as CFO. That often means the other person doesn’t know how to proceed during an emergency, which is why we take a holistic approach to estate planning. We make certain your life insurance is correctly in place and that there are no unforeseen estate tax issues. 

“Your legacy is also far more than your wealth. Along with getting your financial and legal lives in order, we create your Guardian GuideTM. It lays out your wishes for your family in levels of detail that a will or trust cannot, including the spiritual and cultural upbringing you want your children to receive in your absence. Your Guardian GuideTM also instructs who will act as your children’s temporary guardian in the event of an emergency. That can be crucial if the court might have selected members of your family whom you don’t want involved in your children’s lives.

“We also provide business succession planning. Whether you voluntarily or involuntarily exit your business, and whether you would rather your business continue or conclude in your absence, we create the plan that will accomplish your wishes in full. Our comprehensive approach to business planning begins with a LIFT Session, where we examine the legal, insurance, financial, and tax aspects of your business and ensure that each is aligned with your unique goals.

"We’re proud to specialize in planning for all types of families as well. We create the binding documents that give nontraditional families real peace of mind that their healthcare choices, end-of-life decisions, chosen family, and wishes for their children (think second parent guardians) are all given access and carried out to the letter."

Legal minds as sharp as Sarah’s are not nearly as uncommon as her empathy. As such she and her associates do far more than help people navigate the byzantine court system. Once they have genuinely understood their clients’ apprehensions and uncertainties, they dispel them altogether by showing up as a “Counselor of Law” and providing sound legal planning. 

You owe your loved ones the same peace of mind Breiner Law Firm provides on a daily basis. You may learn more about their services and schedule your consultation at

  • Sarah Breiner
  • Robbin Reed, Client Services Director & Sarah Breiner, Founding Attorney