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Bret Alexandra Is Revolutionizing Home Decor Through Mental Health, Positivity & Inclusivity

Home has a new meaning now that it’s all we have.

Bret Alexandra knows the power of ‘home’ as a space beautifier and home stager. The Colorado native, born right outside Denver, has watched the city grow in more ways than one. Being a part of the creative and artistic community has inspired Alexandra to grow with the city and put Denver on the map for fashion and design.

As a Design Manager for Guest House, she’s been able to lean into her desire to aid positivity and mental health through design. “It took me a long time to find 'my place' in the world and contribute in a way that felt authentic for me. I've always been an incredibly positive person who also struggles with mental health daily,” she says. “I've been able to create a space that is a safe haven that allows me to be myself, learn myself, and understand myself. I think everyone needs to have a place like this, a place that is home to them no matter what.”

The Denver design industry is charged by women and to be a Black woman in this realm is a revolutionary act. She says, “The Black presence in design is slim. I have made it a point to make a name for myself and black women. Being a Black woman in the design space means making sure you aren't the only one there and not letting the 'status quo' determine my style.” 

Because Alexandra stands for inclusivity, intentional design and the belief that the world needs every single one of us, her view of the world has shaped her design choices lately. First, with COVID and then with George Floyd lighting up the world, she affirms that nothing else matters to her right now until justice is served for George Floyd and for all Black people who have been discriminated against all over the world. She wants people to never forget the energy that is being created around the world right now in the name of justice. “Never forget that all Black lives matter all the time—not just while it's a news headline,” she says. 

The state of the world has inspired the space beautifier to push the envelope and bring more diverse voices and artists to the table to contribute to her design work across the board. Recently, she took on styling The Mother House in Denver—a home in a category of its own. 

Sidebar: If Bret Alexandra were a home, it would be the home she staged on Maxwell Avenue in Boulder. She filled the small boho bungalow with soft tones, a myriad of textures, and cozy layers.