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Bridging the Gap

Find Your Handyman, Designer, and Remodeling Experts at the Home Improvement Team of Richmond

The Home Improvement Team of Richmond is a full-service, Class-A General Contractor that specializes in kitchen and bath remodels, renovations, and additions. With access to interior designers, builders, and the best contractors in the area, HIT can be a one-stop shop for all things home repair.

Homebuilding is an art and so are relationships. HIT was created with the intention of bridging the gap between the home improvement industry and customer service. Ken Moody, a custom home builder with over a decade of projects under his belt, created HIT with this vision in mind. When the housing market boomed, homeowners struggled to reach contractors. Ken’s team stepped in to help their clients achieve their vision for their home within their budget.

As with all things these days there's a product and people shortage. HIT has been able to overcome most challenges with a trusted in-house team of experts and a secure relationship with valued partners. “When it comes to product delays, we are transparent about the timelines,” explains Ken. “We set clear expectations with our clients, and we ensure that we meet our deadlines and stay in constant communication throughout the project.”

When people choose to renovate their home, it's usually to be able to settle in and be comfortable for years to come, or to appeal to a new homeowner when preparing to sell. “Either way, the space needs to be visually appealing and bring joy,” says Ken. “We like to blend the client's wishes with current trends so they can feel both current and content in their space.”

HIT focuses on quality work and strong client relationships. “Your home is your sanctuary, and you should be comfortable and trust those you let enter,” says Ken. Whether you are preparing your home to sell or bringing your newly purchased home up to your standards, HIT’s expert handyman services are there to take the pressure off so you can enjoy your free time with your family. Homeowners appreciate that they can depend on HIT to work cleanly and timely so that their home doesn't feel like chaos during the project. With HIT, you can expect fair prices, professional work, and a job done right the first time. Knowing you are working with a team that you can trust with your home, time, and money brings homeowners peace of mind.

Whether you need help with a "Honey-do List" or a major home addition and renovation, HIT has you covered. Ken and his team are committed to making Richmond feel more like home for you. Learn more at:

Ken Moody

HIT prides itself on providing fast response times. It's rare to find a home renovation company with a team that is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive but that's the team that Ken has assembled.

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