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Bright and Beautiful Winter Skin

Three winter skin concerns and how to soothe them

Although we are not shoveling snow, even the cooler, dry winter weather here in Roswell can be tough on the skin. Here are three common skin conditions caused or worsened by the winter weather.

-Eczema (atopic dermatitis) 

Eczema causes intermittent bouts of irritated itching skin. Winter weather is notorious for promoting dry skin that allows eczema to flourish. Moisturization is always important for preventing flares, but it is particularly vital during the winter months. Avoid scented creams, because eczema patients can often acquire allergies to the fragrance mix in these products. Check out Vanicream, without fragrances or preservatives.

-Chapped lips (cheilitis)

The dry, cold wind can compromise the skin barrier leading to irritation and painful fissures. In some cases, these cracks and splits can also become infected with bacteria or yeast, further complicating clearance. A common mistake is to lick the lips to replace the moisture. Unfortunately, while it may feel better in the short term, the enzymes in the saliva and the wet-dry cycle can greatly exacerbate the problem, rather than helping. Use a thick ointment such as Vaseline or Aquaphor to help restore the skin barrier and allow the skin to heal.

-Hand Dermatitis

Frequent hand washing required during flu season and Covid amplifies this effect resulting in painful/itching and cracked, red skin. Hand dermatitis can be improved with thick emollients and moisturizers. In some cases, prescription creams may be indicated to control the inflammation and restore the skin barrier, thus allowing the skin to do its job of keeping out irritants and keeping in moisture.  

Live Oak Dermatology was started by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brent Thomas Goedjen. "As a small independent practice, we are proud of our ability to deliver personalized and attentive care to patients.  We love being part of the Roswell community," says Dr. Goedjen. 

Live Oak Dermatology offers general dermatology for both adult and pediatric patients and have just introduced medical spa services such as facials, chemical peels and microneedling.

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