Bright and Merry

Diane Johnson from Diane Johnson Interiors shares her eye for design and holiday inspiration.

Take one look in Diane Johnson Interiors' Johns Creek store, and it's as if every single one of your creative dreams has magically swirled into reality. The holiday magic... the intricate hues... the way Diane Johnson herself has curated some of the most beautiful gifts and items that would help any home or hostess shine... It's almost like the elves themselves visit at night to help create the holiday perfection that draws many devoted fans to catch a glimpse of Johnson's keen eye for what most anyone would want.

It's easy to see that Johnson herself loves the holidays. Though she professes, "I'm quite ordinary and boring, and do the same thing most every year by going home to visit family in North Carolina for a few days, then heading back late Christmas Day to be ready for the crowds shopping at the store the day after Christmas."  And although she may claim her holiday tradition is "ordinary," she's clearly saving the extraordinary for the store and her clients.

Always ahead of the trends, Johnson says this year brought holiday shoppers much earlier than usual. "Either people were very excited this year, or they were just afraid of something selling out," she chuckles.  "This year's on-trend design is a more neutral palette and less pattern, so those items are very popular this season."

With so many items in the store, it would be impossible for Johnson to pick a favorite. However, she clearly has a soft spot for the unique traditions her clients create around the pieces they find at Diane Johnson Interiors.  "We have small decorative boxes that look like presents and I just love what people say they use them for, especially at the dinner table.  Some people use them as name place holders, some people put small gifts for each guest in them, and some even share their holiday wish for the year on a piece of paper tucked away until the next year." 

Although Diane Johnson's own personal holiday may be short and sweet, she certainly celebrates all throughout the holiday season in her store.  Whether you are looking for the perfect gift, one-of-a-kind interior decorating items, or the most beautiful holiday pieces to help you celebrate with your loved ones, Diane Johnson Interiors is definitely ready to add a little sparkle and shine not only to your holiday season, but throughout the new year.

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