Bright Tip: Powder Room Remodels

Western Montana Lighting offers lighting advice

Surprises and limitations. Sounds like a room remodel, right? Drew Mihelish, Owner and Lighting Consultant at Western Montana, lighting sheds some light on, well, lighting!

With any remodel, it’s important to remember what is behind the drywall or above you in the ceiling to determine the best ways to light the space. For bathrooms, in particular, Drew recommends scones with ample light output, because scones evenly light an individual’s face, accompanied with overhead lighting. This reduces shadows, which is always helpful in a main bath where people may be shaving or applying makeup. However, if the bathroom has limited use, that is an opportunity for more creativity with less focus on usable light. For instance, Drew prefers to focus more on the overall mood of the space rather than being task-oriented. The creativity in these spaces can be limitless.

Western Montana Lighting has received national recognition as Showroom of the Year in 2020 and is nominated again in 2022. Whether you’re a homeowner, designer, architect, electrician, or builder, Western Montana Lighting can assist you with lighting, one-of-a-kind artwork, décor, fans, and even furniture to make your space feel complete.

“Design is something I am very passionate about and lighting is a specialty within the realm of overall design that I have fallen head over heels for.” - Drew Mihelish 

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