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Brighten Up Your Bed for Spring


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Provided

It's time to decorate for spring, and that includes your bed! Whether you need an updated duvet cover for your master bedroom or some new pillows for a guest bedroom, here are some of my favorite spring bedding options.

Kate Spade, Cat in the Garden

My favorite part of this collection is the two-tone pillow with yellow and lavender. It catches my eye immediately and has the perfect shades for spring. It brings balance to the busy pattern and completes the look.

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Kate Spade, Carnation

I like this grown-up use of carnations. I typically picture younger girl's ballerina pink when I think of carnations, so these deeper shades of purple give it a mature look that is oh-so-Kate Spade classy.

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DKNY, Comfy Collection

I just want to dive into this bed and never resurface. Comfy was absolutely the right name for it, and it is also beautiful at the same time. I think this is the closest we have ever gotten to sleeping on real clouds.

Anthropologie, Flower-Dyed

This warm color draws me in and makes me feel like I'm in a desert oasis. Dyed with real flowers, the simple design looks soft and elegant without trying too hard.

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