BrightLight Mailbox

When Seconds Count, John Nowak's Unique Product Can Truly Save A Life

John Nowak knows a great idea when he sees one. Originally from Indianapolis and a self-employed entrepreneur throughout his life, John was approached by a friend about five years ago with a story. A man with stage-4 cancer needed ambulance services at his home repeatedly as the disease took its toll. But the ambulance drivers could not find his home in the darkness.

“His wife came home once and found him on the floor,” John, now a Venice resident, explains. “She called 911 and soon heard the ambulance arriving. Then she heard it passing because they could not see the address. After that, the husband googled light-up mailboxes and saw that there was nothing on the market. So he got a utility patent and now we are the only company that can put a solar illuminated light on a mailbox post.”

John bought the patent in 2016 after the inventor passed away. Since then, he has seen his product adopted by whole subdivisions.

“Our motto is, ‘When seconds count, we can save a life,’” John says. “I really believe in this product. There are so many people out there who will benefit from this. It’s also an attractive, American-made mailbox crafted from high quality materials.”


John Nowak’s BrightLight Mailbox is the only mailbox in production that features a solar powered light, making the address of the home easy to see at night.


John sources his aluminum from a mill in Alabama, punches out the mailboxes at a factory in Punta Gorda, and assembles the finished product right here in Venice.


The BrightLight Mailbox features a solar light. The design is patented and is the only available light-up mailbox on the market. 


The BightLight Mailbox helps first responders find an address in the darkness. When seconds count, the BrightLight Mailbox can truly save a life!

1.833.425.6245. 6640 Taylor Road, Punta Gorda.

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