Reducing the Mental Load

The Simple Sort: Helping Clients Declutter + Organize


With one word, the entire reading audience has been polarized into two groups.

One group sat up a little straighter, their eyes lit up and their ears piqued to hear the when and where. The other group quietly melted out of the room to avoid the conversation completely or took an “important” work email that needed immediate attention.

A Little More Structure

In truth, almost everyone has at least one area of life that could use a little more structure. Maybe it’s the hall closet, or a spare room that seems to be a catch-all.

Perhaps, for you, the road has been paved with good intentions. You are part of the first group of people and just need to get started or find the right systems that work for your family.

Oftentimes, disorganization can be a sneaky after-effect following a significant life event. Perhaps a couple just got married and are now combining two households. Maybe a loved one passed and there is a sentimental barrier to re-structuring one’s living space. The addition of children to a family can be an unexpected influx of extra things. Maybe someone just jumped headlong into a new job and the systems that were working are no longer sufficient to accommodate a new lifestyle.

Clutter Management

Jenn Campo was working as a home stager and she found herself doing more and more clutter management with families. “I grew up in a cluttered home,” she states, “I felt the weight of all the stuff.”  She goes on to explain this feeling led to her developing a strong sense of organization to be more in control of her space and she has honed that skill over the years. The more homes she staged and the more clutter she managed, she realized there was a space for professional organizing on a more permanent basis.

The big thing about organizing for others that she and her team stress is they meet their clients where they are and provide a no-judgement setting. Life gets busy and things can get away from us, but the team at The Simple Sort is here to help bring peace back into the home space, help develop easy-to-maintain systems and get their clients back to a place where they can thrive.

“Organizing one’s own space takes more time and energy than people think,” Campo says.

Fresh Eyes

She indicates that her team does this every day and they have set systems that have proven effective; it’s just a matter of tweaking those systems to fit a client’s style. Where a client may have already hit decision-fatigue and gassed out on some of their own organizing efforts, the team can come in with fresh eyes and perspective to bring that home project across the finish line.

“We love a mess,” she, says, grinning, “because we can look past it and find a solution – like a puzzle to be solved.”

From a singular closet to a whole home overhaul, Campo and her team at The Simple Sort are in the business of reducing the mental load created by clutter and curating peaceful, thriving spaces.

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