Bringing Connection and Community to Spring Hill

The Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce’s core purpose is to serve the local business community by helping members thrive, while also serving as a connector and trusted resource for the community as a whole. By being a resource for both businesses and residents, it helps the community progress forward by providing information, education, promotion, and connection. The Chamber not only brings business owners together through networking and educational events, but it also provides resources for leadership and development, business referrals, sponsorship opportunities, chamber to chamber discounts, and much more.

Since joining the staff at the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce in 2017, Executive Director Rebecca Melton has been driven to share the Chamber’s mission with the community and positively influence the business culture in an effort to help create a better Spring Hill. “We are a non-profit,” explains Melton. “We fill the gaps where private and public leave off. It’s really just trying to foster business, engage the community, connect the community to the businesses, and
provide those resources to both. We actually do provide a lot of information to residents and visitors coming through, as well. We’re really trying to emphasize our Welcome Center. We just moved to a new location. We’re at 5326 Main Street [in Spring Hill]. We’re really accessible to people now, so that they can drop in and get information that they need about the community or things to do and we’re happy to point them in the right direction.”

4 Reasons for Businesses to Become Members of the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce
1. Make Connections Within the Community
The Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce brings businesses, leaders, and neighbors together through networking events, quarterly professional mixers, and community activities as it helps to form bonds and build relationships.
2. Invest in Your Personal Business Through Chamber Promotion and Education
By offering educational seminars and workshops as well as monthly luncheons, the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce provides opportunities for members to learn and grow.
3. Become an Example of Leadership by Serving the Local Business Community
Chamber members take a responsibility as influential leaders by serving the local business community.
4. Ensure Your Voice as a Business Owner is Heard
Active members of the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce can make sure their voices as business owners are heard on local, regional, and state levels to help build better communities.

Members from the Spring Hill Chamber, Williamson, Inc Chamber, and Maury Alliance will gather for an after-hours joint mixer at Homestead Manor on April 5 from 5-7 PM. This is a free opportunity for people to get to know each other, connect, and meet people from different areas.


The Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their monthly luncheon at the UAW Hall on April 21 from 11:15 AM – 1 PM. This month’s topic will focus on real estate and discuss what has taken place in the market, what is currently happening, and future projections.

ribbon cutting

Join the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce as they celebrate new businesses in the area with Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies throughout the month of April, including Common Law Brewing Co. (April 1) and TwelveStone Spring Hill Infusion Center (April 7).


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