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Neat Whiskey House: A Vast Collection of Spirits

Travis Field’s first job after high school was in the construction industry. He was an electrician for 10 years before he started FH Beerworks. A self-taught brewer, he opened FH Beerworks in 2014 and moved from downtown to the east side of Colorado Springs in 2018. Over time, he discovered a love for whiskey. In 2021, he added Neat Whiskey House to the FH family. 

“I’ve learned over the last decade that my real love within this industry is the creativity and innovation that it allows me to express,” Fields says. “I never thought of myself as a creative person until I started coming up with fun new beer ideas as a young brewer. Neat has become another way for me and my team to offer our creativity and ideas to others.”

Vast Collection of Spirits

One thing that makes Neat Whiskey House stand out from other whiskey bars in the area is its vast collection of spirits. While it is a whiskey-forward establishment, Neat’s spirit assortment features over three hundred bottles including tequila and rum. They also specialize in expertly crafted cocktails. 

Seamless Business Model

Neat Whiskey House is located across from FH Beerwork’s large outdoor beer garden. Also located on the property is 1231 Craft Kitchen, their on-site food truck. The FH team has created a seamless system that allows you to order food, beer, and cocktails from anywhere on the premises. 

High-End Experience

When you enter the bar, there are several seating options—soft couches and armchairs, as well as table seating. The long bar faces the extensive bottle collection and is in itself a piece of art. The bartenders are not only highly trained, but also encouraged to be creative. Each bartender has a signature cocktail.

“I believe that Neat Whiskey House is one of the best-kept secrets in Colorado Springs,” Fields says. “Our selection of bottles, as well as the quality of our drinks and our staff, rivals any bar downtown. I encourage everyone to make the drive across town to see what we’re doing for themselves.”

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