Lee’s Summit Medical Center Expands Pediatric Services

Bringing Your Child's Health Care Closer to Home

When a child has an emergency or needs to see a specialist, parents want close and easily accessible treatment for their child. In the past, Lee’s Summit families have often had to go to Kansas City for emergency and specialty pediatric health services as there have been few such options within the suburb. With an expansion of services at Lee’s Summit Medical Center, pediatric care is coming closer to home and becoming more convenient.

“With a large portion of [Lee’s Summit’s] population being young families, Lee’s Summit Medical Center understands there is a need for pediatric healthcare that’s more accessible,” says John McDonald, chief executive officer of Lee’s Summit Medical Center. “Most pediatric specialty care requires a trip into Kansas City for every appointment and procedure, not to mention many specialists are booked out far in advance. There have been limited resources to communities outside of Kansas City, and as every parent knows, when it comes to their kiddos, the more convenient, closer to home and efficient, the better.”

Lee’s Summit Medical Center now offers a pediatric friendly emergency room, pediatric outpatient surgical care for various conditions, office-based pediatric procedures and pediatric neurology. The hospital also exceeds national benchmarks for readiness to treat pediatric patients based on the federal Emergency Medical Services for Children program. Additionally, the emergency room generally has short wait times.

For pediatric patients needing more advanced care that is not yet offered in Lee’s Summit, the hospital partners with Overland Park Regional Medical Center for pediatric specialties, intensive care and inpatient care. The two hospitals are both a part of HCA Midwest Health and work to provide continuity of care between the facilities.

“Lee’s Summit Medical Center has received very positive feedback from community physicians and parents alike,” McDonald says. “Pediatricians like that they can send their patients to a specialist within the community, and parents like that it’s a more convenient option.”

Pediatrics isn’t the only specialty service Lee’s Summit Medical Center is expanding as its premises have included a few hard-hat zones in recent years.

At the beginning of 2018, the hospital opened an orthopedic and spine center after a construction project that added an additional floor to the hospital. In October of this year they added a new spine surgeon to offer new treatment options for the back, neck and spine.

Currently, a 52,000-square-foot medical office building is being constructed, and when complete this facility will allow more specialists to see all kinds of patients. The hospital is also growing its bariatrics program and weight loss team to best help patients lose weight and decrease their risk for chronic diseases.

Whether it’s a child needing to go to the emergency room with a broken arm or an adult needing to consult weight-loss specialists, Lee’s Summit Medical Center is offering more suburban options for these and other types of medical needs.

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