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Bringing His Vision Back to Austin

Luis Patino left ATX for LA, but now he’s back and CEO of PBS.

Article by Jennifer Birn

Photography by Annie Ray

Originally published in Austin Lifestyle

What did you miss most about Austin when you went to Los Angeles to work at Univision? The quality of life and family-friendly atmosphere of Austin.

How do you think Austin’s changed?  Austin has always been a very international city, but now it appears that Austin has leapfrogged into a city with global implications. Austin culture, the arts, the restaurants, the music, and the culture have made it a tastemaker.  

What excites you most about your job?  The opportunities to create social impact in Austin and the region.  Austin PBS is a mission-driven media company that has the ability to reach millions of people in central Texas by virtue of its broadcast signal, cable coverage, and streaming platforms. The opportunity to produce and promote more content centered on education, health and wellness, diversity and multicultural communities, civic engagement, and of course entertainment is most exciting!

Why should people tune in?  More local content highlighting some of the best that Austin has to offer in arts, culture, cuisine, and music (beyond ACL).  The new facility has a new state-of-the-art studio space that will be the new home for music performances, shows like Overheard with Evan Smith and new productions that we will announce soon. 

Favorite quote?  "Don't let other people's perception of you become your reality."  Remembering this quote has served me well throughout my career.