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Bringing It Home

Real Estate Agent Peter Levinson Combines Family & Teamwork

Article by Brooke Barnett

Photography by Kaylin Hill

Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

Real estate broker Peter Levinson has one crucial piece of advice for potential homebuyers, which is not to play what he calls “real estate agent roulette.”

“Sometimes, if you are looking at a property online, it might be tempting to click that button on a property search site to reach out to a real estate agent right on the spot,” he explains. “But, you literally have no idea who you might end up with, and finding the right agent is such a crucial part of your home buying experience.” 

Instead, Peter recommends that homebuyers take the time to look for a reputable agent who works in their community, read online reviews and make sure the agent is supported by an experienced agency or brokerage.

“Search for the top agents in your area and read the reviews,” he adds. “Think of it this way, if you were going out for a nice dinner, you would take the time to look up the restaurant, read reviews and look at pictures.  Do that same diligence with your Realtor and be sure about who you are connecting with.”

Peter and his wife, Tara, have spent the past 17 years leading the Levinson Real Estate Team. Currently 35 agents strong, their team was recently ranked No. 1 in the state and ninth in the nation by RealTrends, which identifies the country's most successful residential Realtors and teams. The Levinson Team merged with eXp Realty in November 2022 and sold more than 800 houses worth over $230 million last year. 

Even with such impressive statistics, Peter says his proudest accomplishment is that his entire family has joined the Levinson team. Their oldest daughter Tiara is the sales manager for the team, while youngest daughter Tasha serves as operations manager. Their sons-in-law serve as lead listing agent and lead buying agent.

“As a parent, having them follow in our footsteps and join the business means we must have done something right,” he says, laughing. “It is so rewarding to be able to work together every day.”

Solving problems for the clients that he serves makes Peter’s job rewarding, which is exactly what he says a good real estate agent should do. He explains that homebuyers should expect their agent to help them sort through all the information available in listings, find solutions and put together a winning offer based on the real estate market.

For those considering putting their home on the market in the near future, Peter recommends working with a trusted agent before making any changes, upgrades or renovations. 

“My advice is to not make any changes to your current home until an agent comes and walks through,” he advises. “An experienced agent can help make suggestions for the types of changes that will really add value as well as help your home sell. Let the agent guide that process. Every home is unique, and an agent can give you that expert advice.”

When he isn’t busy selling homes, Peter provides life coaching and career development opportunities for new real estate agents. He is also an avid writer. His first book, Practical Real Estate Practices, is scheduled to be published this fall. 

“For me, it’s so important to be able to meet face-to-face with all my clients, so I can find the best way to help,” he concludes.

“I encourage everyone I work with to think about what dreams, aspirations and goals might have been put to the side and realize that it is time to pick them back up and get going again. I love helping people live their best lives.” 

Peter Levinson is the eXp Branch Office Broker for the Levinson Real Estate Team. Find more information at call 405.285.5750.

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