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Well Kept’s Jessica Harroz Shares Tips for Kitchens & Pantries

Jessica Harroz, co-founder of Well Kept, has learned from experience how an orderly, organized space can create ease and peacefulness in your life. She is living proof that structure and well-planned systems provide a sense of security and well-being, a feeling that she says applies to the young and old alike.

“For both adults and kids, your mental state is more at ease when things are in order,” she explains. “Especially if you have little ones in the home, it helps to have everything in its place.”

As Jessica’s own children reached school age, she was debating what the next chapter of her life might look like and her natural inclination to organize led to an exciting business venture.  

“I realized that one of the things I could do to improve my mood at any time was clean out a closet,” she says. “My mom was actually the one who brought it to my attention and pointed out that plenty of people need help organizing.”

Jessica and co-founder Ashlee Sanders opened Well Kept in March 2020 to serve homes and businesses in the Oklahoma City metro area and have since expanded to serve Tulsa and Kansas. They excel at creating aesthetically pleasing, functional organizational solutions in spaces of all sizes, including closets, offices, kitchens and pantries. 

“The kitchen and pantry are the heart of the home, so they really need to be functional,” Jessica says. “When they are not, you actually lose money by buying too many items or letting food expire. Once a system is in place, it is easy to maintain and helps maximize both your time and grocery budget.”

Jessica says that deep shelves are a common pantry problem, where groceries can get lost if they are pushed to the back.  She says the key to making the best use of the space is to use the depth as an asset. 

“Use large, clear bins to help you see what you have,” she adds. “Put like items with like items in each tub, and make sure everything is labeled [photo 1]. In a well-organized pantry, there are labels and designated spots for everything.” 

In the kitchen, Jessica says one of her best tips is to think vertically. Using vertical space allows you to consider ways to best organize both inside and outside of your cabinets.

“Even if shelves are not available, you can add risers [photo 2] to double the capacity of any cabinet or counter. Think up, not out,” she adds. 

Another area where clutter happens is under the kitchen sink, an area that Jessica urges is crucial to organize since it houses many frequently used products. 

“The best thing you can do is add a turntable under the sink [photo 3]. It adds a lot of storage and provides convenient access,” she advises. “Take everything out of the original packaging and put it in clear, stackable containers with lids [4]. This lets you see exactly how much of everything you have in a quick glance.” 

Jessica says that the time and effort put into creating clutter-free spaces provides immediate benefits, and maintaining the systems allows continued enjoyment and stress-relief. 

“To this day, every time I go to my pantry, I find joy,” she says. “I love it every single day.”

Well Kept provides personalized organizational services, designed to optimize each client’s lifestyle, goals and space. The process starts with a free consultation, and Jessica and Ashlee work directly with clients through each step of the process. Virtual consultations are available, as well as guided organization and decluttering options. 

Find out more and see before-and-after photos at wellkeptspace.com

Find them at facebook.com/wellkeptspace or @wellkeptspace on Instagram.

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