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Bringing Tennessee Women Together

Danielle Lee Darling is a life coach and wellbeing mentor by day, but is a trailblazer in networking and creating connections for women in her spare time. She moved to Spring Hill in 2019, and just as she was getting unpacked and settled, 2020 reared its ugly head and the world shut down. 

“I was really lonely,” Danielle shares. “I set an intention for myself coming out of it that I was going to surround myself with growth-oriented, like-minded women who were going to be the kind of women to support me in my own personal and professional growth.” 

With her intention set, Danielle began attending TN Women Connect events and instantly fell in love with the community. 

TN Women Connect (soon to be Women Connect) is an organization owned by women, run by women, for women. It’s a networking group devoted to creating connections, whether personally or professionally, through fun and productive networking events happening frequently across Tennessee and the surrounding states. 

“Connections and relationships are of utmost importance for me in my profession,” shares Lucy Miller, who is both a licensed realtor and the founder of TN Women Connect. “It’s a passion of mine to bring women together, and it’s really fulfilling to see that happening in all of the places.”

A Franklin native, Lucy launched the group in the area in 2020, and has grown to 14 chapters across the region, including a dedicated Spring Hill chapter spearheaded by Danielle. Group events take place twice per month, usually in partnership with area businesses like coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, etc. across Thompson’s Station, Spring Hill, and Columbia.

In her role as a life coach focused on mentorship, TN Women Connect is an excellent opportunity for Danielle to share her personal passions to support area women, but the impact of the friendships and connections she’s made have gone far beyond professional. 

“Fast forward, my life changes, and I ended up getting a divorce two years ago,” Danielle adds. “I don’t know that I would have done as well coming out of it if I hadn’t developed the relationships that I had prior.” 

Across all chapters, Lucy emphasizes the group has an abundance mindset. It’s not a single seat organization, so there could be other members in the same or similar profession, but events have a goal to lift each other up, collaborate, and cheer each other on. If one member shares they’re having a problem or needs advice on a particular topic, “eight hands go up,” Danielle says.

Group membership is optional, but includes reduced rates for networking events, a members-only Facebook group, and the opportunity to host or sponsor events in person or via Zoom, among other perks. 

In addition to seeking new members for the Spring Hill chapter and beyond, Danielle is also eager to connect with area businesses that would be interested in sponsoring or hosting events around town. 

“We’re connection creators,” Lucy adds. “By providing the events and the opportunities, that’s what we’re really helping to do: create connections.”