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A Guide for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

As summer break flies by, and it seems to go faster every year, I’m sure you're considering the plan for your children’s education next year. In some local school districts summer is truly speeding by as they adopt a modified, year-round schedule sometimes called a “2-2-2”, allowing two weeks off each seasonal break, leaving a shorter summer. However, there’s more than just a schedule to consider when choosing the best schooling option for your child and family. Let’s review some options, and how best to support your child as they ease into the 2023-2024 school year. 

Charter schools are relatively common here in Arizona. They are state-funded, public schools. Our legislation allows for parents to choose where to send their children to school, allowing for options aside from the local assigned school district. Every charter is different and may have a contrasting vision and style. Many charter schools require a uniform, taking the guesswork and arguments out of daily clothing choices. Research the charter schools within a radius of your home that you’re willing to commute to and from daily. Take the time to read through the website, meet with the administration, and even ask friends and neighbors about their experiences. 

Private schools are an additional choice to consider. Private schools have more freedom to organize and function, adhering to a specific set of beliefs often educational or religious in nature. There will be higher costs associated with attending a private school, however, there are some tax credit options I would encourage you to research and ask about.

Homeschooling is a decision that allows families freedom to choose how they learn within only the basic state requirements. If one or both parents have the time and flexibility to take on overseeing their child’s education this can be a beneficial option. There are a multitude of homeschooling styles and infinite ways to implement learning. The amount and varying types of curricula can be overwhelming but once settled on a style that suits the student and parent best, being closely involved in your child’s learning can be incredibly beneficial to both parties. Many curriculums are “open and go” requiring little prep work from the parent, making them very simple to use.

Public school has become the most familiar educational path in our country, and it can be a great fit for many families. However, it’s important when considering this, and any brick-and-mortar school, that you take the time to connect with your child’s teacher and administration. Encourage open conversation with your child so that you stay informed about what is happening in their days. Volunteer as your schedule allows in order to build community.

Our children are a treasure. Take time to make the best choice for your family and let your children know that you’re available and a safe place for them when they experience both the good and bad of life. Hope this is a fruitful and successful year for your children!

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