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We sat down with Mt. Juliet local and MTSU alumna, Brooke Antonakos, to learn more about her journey to finding her true calling as owner of one of Middle Tennessee's favorite hot spots for home decor and design, Brooke's On Main.

When did you know you wanted to open a furniture store that focuses on aesthetics and interior design?  My husband and I took a chance and invested in our first Airbnb in Florida during Covid. We did an entire flip in 6 days. (I do not recommend a 6 day flip EVER. We were crazy and worked 18 hour days to get the job done.) But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? It was a fun project that led to designing a Nashville Airbnb and requests for more design work. Designing spaces was creatively fulfilling but I thought of it more as a hobby than a career path at first.  

After my second Airbnb, I had enough experience with online shopping and the inconsistencies that came with that. I remember getting one green velvet chair that the back literally slid into place and was held on with 1 screw. I knew I was done with buying things that way.  

So, I decided I was going to start a warehouse business and sell furniture to people a few times a month so that I could get great deals for those Airbnb clients. And then it sort of snowballed. I ended up finding a space I loved on the Lebanon Square (That’s where “On Main” came from.) But another business beat us to the punch. We looked at some other spaces but eventually reached out to Mark Lineberry and he had the perfect spot. The building already matched my logo and aesthetic, and I just knew it was where I was meant to be. We decided to add lighting, and then wallpaper, and accents, and gifts, and well…you get what I mean by snowball.  

What has been your biggest motivator? Well, I have a few motivators. A spiritual motivator, I truly feel BOM is a calling. And callings have various sides to them. I tried to talk myself out of it, out of the risk and all the work that goes into starting a brick and mortar. But there was a voice inside that kept pushing me...pushing me to share in creativity with others, to build community, and to use the success to help others. I want to help our clients create spaces they feel joy in, and spaces that highlight what is important to them. From a coffee table book that highlights a hobby to a sofa that's custom-made for family movie nights. We all have different desires, and it is important for me to help clients identify what speaks to them and inspires them.  That is when you know furniture is worth the investment.  

My motivator in human form would absolutely be my husband, Tyler. He is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, and my greatest champion. He has always pushed me to bet on myself, something that does not come naturally to me. BOM would simply not exist without him.  

How would you describe BOM?  A breath of fresh air. I love seeing the smiles on people's faces when they enter the store. I love it when I hear, "This makes me want to redo everything." What I think people mean by that is, they love the way intentional design makes them feel. And the truth is, you don't have to redo everything to get a great look. 

Great design is all in how it makes you feel. For example, I have customers that come in and want EVERYTHING in velvet. I too share that same affection. But I have just as many people who come in and say they cannot stand the thought of touching velvet. And they are both right. We all have unique styles & different ideas of the perfect space. 

What advice do you have for people who are looking to add to their home's interior style?  My hope is that when someone thinks of redesigning a space they think of BOM as their first stop. That they would want to start and end with us. We are here to serve as a trusted source for design inspiration, product knowledge, and fair pricing on high-quality pieces.    

Don't spend a ton of time looking at designer images, just focus on what you need piece by piece. Every addition should feel good and exciting. It's important to not look at it like a big project you have to finish.   

Would you like to add anything else? I’d be lying if I said that pulling this business off hasn’t been the biggest test of my endurance and courage. My background was in developing artists and songwriters in the music industry. My identity was wrapped up in that. Humbling myself enough to start over in a new industry was a huge test for me. I’m a perfectionist and no matter how hard you work, you are not perfect out of the gate. But the same voice inside that pushed me here feels like it’s saying, “There is something great ahead.” And I want to be bold enough to follow that.  

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