Brush by Breed

On the Spot Mobile Pet Spa’s New Kit and Course Makes Brushing a Breeze

Pet parents want their fur babies to sport a gorgeous coat, but maintaining it can be a challenge. The best way to help your dog feel their best between groomings is to start brushing.

“If you aren’t sure where to start with brushing, it’s not your fault!” says Andrea Rutherford, co-owner of On the Spot Mobile Pet Spa. “There’s just a learning curve, and we want to shed light on how easy it can be.”

Brush by Breed, a new coat kit and course by the owners of On the Spot, is available to help create an easy brushing routine at home.



Know Your Dog’s Coat Type 

There are 15 different kinds of coat types for dogs, and Doodle coats in particular vary greatly from dog to dog. Learn more about your dog’s specific coat type by taking  their helpful, online quiz.



Use the Right Tools

Brush by Breed has eliminated the guesswork by providing curated coat care kits with top-of-the-line tools based on your dog’s breed. Taking the online course will help you identify the correct technique when using the brush kit.



Set the Environment 

Go for a walk first to get out energy, choose a calm environment and put your dog on a leash so you aren’t chasing them around the room. “This is where to bring out those no-way-they-can-resist treats!” says Kristie Lammi, co-owner of On The Spot. Over time, make it a routine to brush for five minutes a few times a week.



Understand Technique

Using a light spritz of detangler helps the brush glide through the coat, making brushing easier on your dog. Spray in a single area and brush with short “pat and pull” motions, instead of long dragging strokes across the fur. Make sure to brush deep into the coat, down to the skin.

Visit to take the coat care quiz and learn more about their customized coat kit. 

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