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Mathnasium is Changing Lives Through Math

Education is in flux and academia is adapting daily. One thing parents can consider during the Coronavirus Pandemic, is supplemental education.  Whether on site in the center or via virtual distance learning, Mathnasium continues to help children reach their full potential and become confident with math. 

Bobby Tarnowski, owner of several Mathnasium locations throughout the Twin Cities including Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Edina, Andover, Lakeville and Savage, believes that when kids are confident in math they feel empowered in life. As more careers are requiring math skills, Bobby says that “Math is an investment in the future.” With less than 40% of today’s kids graduating high school with a proficient score in math; Bobby and his teams want to be a part of raising that number.

Currently, Mathnasium offers in-person and online learning for students of all ages and math levels ranging from grade school to high school. Compared to a typical classroom that might have up to forty students being taught by one teacher, Mathnasium instructors are working individually with each student, making sure the building blocks are in place before moving to another lesson.  Mathnasium believes, “Any child has potential to be successful with math; it’s simply a matter of teaching it in a way that makes sense.” 

Each Mathnasium program, whether virtual or in-person, is customized to the individual student. Instructors start with an assessment tool to see which areas the student is struggling with and to make sure that their sessions focus on where help is needed most.  Bobby says, “one great benefit of joining Mathnasium is that your child is around other students. Sometimes children may be feeling embarrassed or anxious about needing help, and to be around other kids just like them creates a more positive learning environment, and helps them to be more successful.” Bobby points out that a child’s attitude about math is generally one of the first signs that they are really struggling and may need extra help. Parents may hear their child state that they “hate math” or “math is boring” – even that they dislike their teacher, when the underlying issue is that they are not completely grasping the subject or not being challenged enough. Many parents have seen their kids change quickly and form a positive attitude thanks to Mathnasium instructors. Joseph M., a current client of Mathnasium is thrilled about his daughter’s progress saying, “My daughter has been in Mathnasium for 4 months and what a difference it has made in her confidence about math.  She was afraid to make mistakes and seemed uncertain of answers to problems.  She loves to do math now and asks me to quiz her...  I'm beyond happy about our experience…”

Online learning sessions have recently gained more popularity allowing children to get the education they need in a safe and convenient setting. Online sessions are virtually identical to the in-center learning sessions, and use live video chat in addition to a virtual white board that the teacher and student can simultaneously use to solve problems. If your child prefers in-person learning, Mathnasium is ensuring each student’s safety and is abiding by all protocols that are currently regulated nationwide.  Due to Covid-19, each location is operating at 50% capacity and all seating is socially distanced at 6 ft apart.  Stations are frequently sanitized and facemasks are required by all.

Bobby points out that a lot of teaching is done by a memorization process but, “Mathnasium’s goal is to teach the student why this process works and is being done in the first place, along with the proper way to complete math problems so that they will understand and remember these techniques forever.”

Part of the Mathnasium Method also includes using different instructors for the student’s session. The variety of instructors has proven very affective for students. All Mathnasium staff is hired on qualifications that they are proficient in math through Algebra and most high school math curriculum. Most importantly, they must be great with kids with the ability to inspire and lift kids up to help give them the attitude to believe in themselves which in turn will help them to succeed.  Instructors have two months of supervised training with the center Directors along with continuous education and training through the first 6 months to ensure that Mathnasium students are receiving the very best math education possible.

Mathnasium wants families to have flexible options.  Although a parent, relative or guardian may be good at math, that doesn’t necessarily mean one can teach it effectively.  Juggling busy schedules can also cause added stress. For as little as a few hundred dollars per month, Mathnasium instructors can take the task over, teach with patience, allow for a more flexible family schedule, and give quality family time back.  Financing options are available if needed.  Visit https://www.mathnasium.com/ to learn more about the Mathnasium Method and enroll your child today.

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