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Building Goodwill

Randall Brothers supporting Sunshine on a Ranney Day

After a tragic accident in 2012 when young Tripp Halstead suffered a severe brain injury after being struck by a falling tree branch, parents all over Roswell felt deep pain for his family.

Gregg Mizerak had just dropped off his daughter to daycare when he heard about the accident, and the news struck a chord. Through empathy and heartbreak, he wanted to help the family in some small way.

Gregg is on the senior management team at Randall Brothers (formally PMC Building Materials) and immediately called valued suppliers and partners to ask them to contribute to a project to renovate the Halstead’s home for more convenient daily living for Tripp. That was his first project with Sunshine on a Ranney Day. Now his company is a regular partner, supplying building materials for 15-20 projects annually for the non-profit that reimagines and builds custom rooms for children with special needs.

“We pretty much use Randall Brothers for all of our projects. With prices going higher and higher on everything, our costs on projects are also going up, which involves even more fundraising. Having a dedicated and passionate sponsor like Randall Brothers helps ease our stress of trying to get everything covered,” says SOARD co-founder Holly Ranney. “We just send them our order and they help arrange to get it to our makeover house when we need it.  They not only support the charity by donating materials, but they are also passionate about our cause and helping the community, which is so important these days.”

Last summer Holly’s team was working on a therapy room for a boy living with autism. He is being raised by his single mom and they needed a room where he could work on his therapy and feel safe. They partnered with local Roswell designer Ryan Williams - Artisan Design Studio (featured in this issue!) and Randall Brothers provided the materials. “His favorite things are swinging, jumping, and climbing. Carson also likes small places, like a tent or under the bed, to hide if he’s having a bad day. Like all mothers, and as a single mother of two, Carson’s mother is concerned with balancing activity and safety,” says Holly. He now has his own pirate ship ball pit with a hidden area for quiet time. Everything was personalized just for him. “Randall Brothers saved us by donating all of the lumber to build this!”

Randall Brothers handles new home, custom new home and renovation construction with three locations. The company will have a new interactive showroom for building materials, where customers (builders and designers) can bring their homeowners in and explore, without having to visit a dusty lumberyard. Randall Brothers’ partnerships are extremely strong and the supply chain issues that have affected so many in the industry have not affected business. Gregg helped start PMC in 2008 with around 20 employees and is now on the senior management team with Randall Brothers (who bought PMC in 2019) with 162 team members.

This month, Gregg and his team will celebrate the holidays with potlucks in each branch and continue to plan for another year of giving in 2022.