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Building the Perfect Flower Bed

How to build your spring time flower beds

Article by Bailey Morris

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

With sunny skies upon us, it’s time to start planting flower beds! The colorful flowers and fresh floral scents mark the beginning of Spring. It can be hard deciding what you’re going to do so we put together a guide to give you a little gardening inspiration. With everything you need to know including plant necessities and tastefully decorating your garden, we have you covered!

Sun and Water Requirements

Look at the location of the flower beds. Is it in a sunny area or a shady area? Depending, make sure you choose flowers that will thrive in that area.

Take Color Into Account

Decide on a color scheme that includes 2-3 colors that complement each other.

Consider Plant Height

When choosing which plants you will use, take into consideration how tall the plants will grow and place the tallest in the back.

Include A Focal Point

Create a centerpiece with some fun decor. You can use a bird bath, fountain, or even an antique wagon filled with more flowers.

Use The Right Soil

Different flowers have different soil requirements. Make sure you check what soil will fit your plants' needs best.