Building Trust Through Transformations

With her welcoming nature and expert skills, Samantha Davis brings beauty to a new level

In eighth grade, Samantha Davis told her class that when she grew up, she wanted to have a job working with make-up. That simple declaration led Samantha down a path of career exploration and training in the beauty industry, which culminated with her opening her own salon, Labeled Salon Studios.

“I love being around people and I love doing hair, so my salon is probably my favorite place to be,” says Samantha. “It’s a great atmosphere and a great place to talk and be happy. So on top of having nice hair and an awesome make-over, it’s fun to be at my salon!”

Because Samantha loves what she does each day, she prioritizes being proficient in the various services provided to her clients. “With everything I do, I find the best person in the industry and then I try to shadow them specifically,” explains Samantha, “and I make sure that I’m the best in that skill before I move on to the next thing.”

Services available at Labeled Salon Studios include hair color and color corrections, hair extensions, bookings for special events such as weddings, master cuts for men and women, microblading, facial waxing, Keratin treatments/straightening treatments, and lash extensions. Additionally, Samantha works with a wide assortment of hair extensions including tape-in, sew-in, clip-in, halo, hand tied, beaded row, micro lengths, and keratin bonds. “Having the knowledge of, and having worked with, all the types of hair extensions, I know how to mix the extensions to best fit the client’s needs,” says Samantha.

When it comes to hair color, Samantha explains, “I’ve gotten certifications in multiple lines of color. So, I pull the best of all the lines for each color and use them instead of carrying one specific line. I’m a perfectionist, so everything I do is with extreme care.”

It’s her foundational knowledge and expert abilities that help Samantha establish and foster trusting relationships with her clients. “Although people say hair is no big deal, it’s the first thing people see, so it really does affect your mood,” says Samantha. “When I get a new client that has had previous damage from another salon, I have a very good way of making sure they are comfortable with me before I ever touch their head. I consult with them so they know exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and I make them feel comfortable with me so they will allow me to fix their hair.”

“Color corrections are probably my favorite thing to do,” adds Samantha. “My clients are very faithful, and I have many who say they will stay with me for the rest of their lives because when someone has trust issues as a result of having had something not proper done to their hair, it makes such an impact on them. The level of trust that people have with me because they know my work is quality is probably my biggest achievement.”

When it comes to weddings, Samantha has a quick hand for styling updos and brings special techniques with her. “I closely followed a world-renowned artist who is the master of a new European technique for 3D hair design. So I sought out the best trainer in this formal styling, received my certification, and would like to compete one day in Sochi, Russia for the World Cup championship for hairstyling.”

Without a doubt, Samantha’s decision as an eighth grader led her to exactly where she wants to be at this time in her life. She says, “I love the transformations I do to people’s hair and building trust with clients.”

You can find Labeled Salon Studios on Facebook or Instagram and at www.labeledstudios.com. The salon is currently located at 4412 Columbia Rd, Suite 104 in Evans. The best way to make an appointment with Samantha is to call or text her at 706-496-9086.

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