Building Your Backyard Oasis

Family-Owned Sunburst Construction Takes us Behind the Scenes for a Picturesque Project in Purcellville

Editor’s note: We're rarely taken behind the scenes to see what a talented contractor sees when dealing with a difficult project, so we thought our readers would enjoy hearing about it first-hand.

Like every homeowner, our client’s dream was to have a main-level deck and a ground-level space where they could entertain with a view. Unfortunately, their backyard space was not ideal for ground-level entertaining as it had an extremely steep, sloped yard. The Sunburst team worked internally to come up with a solution and then cleared it with the customer. Sunburst created a unique solution so they could have everything on their wish list, while also using the space appropriately.

Our idea was to build a second-story level deck atop a patio that levels with a ground-level, free-standing deck. This concept allowed us to give them plenty of entertaining space both above and below ground, while also keeping their costs manageable.

Sunburst built the patio out as far as the slope would allow. From there, a free-standing deck was built against the ground-level patio to create a larger useable space and increase their square footage outdoors. The customer loved this design so much that they also added a custom-built fireplace on top of the lower, free-standing open deck.

The result: two large spaces with multiple entertainment areas and a beautiful skyline view!

Sunburst Construction Inc is a family-owned and operated contractor business in Northern Virginia and operated by The Small Family: Aliya, Mason and Fred Small of Leesburg, VA. “We have been a part of the Northern Virginia community for 28 years. We strive to provide quality work and great customer service. Let us help you create a beautiful backyard oasis for your home. If you choose to work with Sunburst, you will be treated like a member of our family. See sunburstdeck.com and/or deckguru.com for more information.

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