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Burgers & Brews

Welcome to the Hello Food Reviews Burgers & Brews Crawl!

Article by Madeline LeBlanc

Photography by Madeline LeBlanc and Hannah Josephine Photography

Originally published in Westfield City Lifestyle

As a foodie, it is no secret that the October issue is my favorite. This month I decided to ask our readers and my followers what their favorite burger and beer spots are, to compile a big list of the 10 best burger joints and breweries in Western Mass. Of course, I had to travel to these establishments and see for myself just how good these spots are! 

10 Best Burger Spots

1. 7B’s, Westfield, MA

2. White Hut, West Springfield, MA

3. Rail Trail Ale House, Southwick, MA

4. The Southwick Inn, Southwick, MA

5. Wahlburgers, Springfield, MA

6. Packard’s, Northampton, MA

7. Local Burger, Northampton, MA

8. Shortstop Bar & Grill, Westfield, MA

9. Fitzwilly's Restaurant, Northampton, MA

10. All American Sports Bar, Springfield, MA

10 Best Brews Spots

1. Tin Bridge Brewing Company, Westfield, MA

2. Kismet Brewing Company, Westfield, MA

3. White Lion Brewing Company, Springfield, MA

4. Amherst Brewing, Amherst, MA

5. Great Awakening Brewing Company, Westfield, MA

6. Skyline Beer Company, Westfield, MA

7. Abandoned Building Brewery, Easthampton, MA

8. Northampton Brewery, Northampton, MA

9. Leadfoot Brewing, Chicopee, MA

10. Vanished Valley Brewing, Northampton, MA

  • Rail Trail Ale House's Classic Burger
  • Kismet Brewing's flight
  • The flight at White Lion Brewing Company
  • Amherst Brewing's Raspberries and Cream
  • Bubblez at Tin Bridge Brewing Company
  • Purist Coconut and Lime at Great Awakening Brewing Company
  • White Hut's cheeseburger with famous onions.
  • The Our Burger at Wahlburger's
  • Madeline LeBlanc enjoys the classic burger at 7B's Burgers.
  • Gorgonzola burger with an egg and bacon at The Southwick Inn